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  • I think this is a dumb quiz. I LOVE Christmas, and for some reason I get a 50% for my love of Christmas. Just because I don't take the initiative and invite tons of people to my house for Christmas doesn't mean I don't love the holiday; I'm simply a slightly introverted person who has a tiny apartment. And, what the heck is a Christmas sprout? Are you talking about Brussels sprouts? I happen to love Brussels sprouts. I really think that the problem with this quiz is that it's unique to the region where this person who wrote it is from. I'm from New Mexico, and we have our own Xmas traditions: could you tell me what it means when a person asks for "Christmas" at a New Mexican restaurant? Or what the traditional New Mexican Christmas foods are (posole and tamales)? Could you tell me what a luminaria is? Anyways, I thought your question about "the meaning of Christmas" was short-sighted; I had to answer "the birth of Christ" because I thought the other two answers were idiotic. I am a secular person, who celebrates a secular Christmas. To me, Xmas is all about the sprit of the season. In conclusion, I thought this quiz sucked.

  • In conclusion your a idiot.

  • Those are the only comments? :l

  • i don't know anything. proud of my score


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