Test your fate!

Now is the time for you to test your fate! Here, we'll see if luck is WITH you or AGAINST you. Reach 85% or higher, and you win this game! Any score below means you LOSE!

I'm 100% positive your going to fail so... just walk away. xD Your luck is no match for this game of fate! You think you can do it? Heh! SHOW me... PROVE you can be the next Luck Master! :D

Created by: Zaxx
  1. Choose wisely! You have to see if you can reach 95%-100%! I'm 100% sure you can't do it! Just keep choosing an object and see if luck is on your side!
  3. Just stop... your testing your luck too much!
  4. *Smirks* Well well...
  5. Your failing already. -.-
  6. Well, your not stopping... so... hm.
  7. Gtq IS awesome... Are YOU awesome?
  8. Eh.
  9. Your not gonna get 100% percent. xD
  10. Bye

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Quiz topic: Test my fate!