FMA State Alchemist Test

Welcome men, you all came here to become alchemists but it wont be easy. This test will decide your fate in this corps. Are you ready to serve. This will not be Easy.

Remember to send in results to a Bridger gen+

Created by: Blastronaut789
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  1. What is the law of equivalent exchange?
  2. Describe a transmutation circle.
  3. Describe important elements of a transmutation circle.
  4. True or False, In liquids alchemy you adjust the temperature and elements of the liquid, and combined them based on number of valence electrons in making a new liquid.
  5. True or false, In flame alchemy you simply create a spark and pressurize gas levels in the air to conduct the fire in a proper direction.
  6. True or False: In medical alchemy you stretch the tissue back together.
  7. True or False: In destruction alchemy you use the components in the material and deconstruct the object then ignore trying to reform it.
  8. Name the three steps of transmutation (After circle is drawn).
  9. What are the two taboos to alchemy.
  10. What is the gate of truth?

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