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Fullmetal Alchemist is an epic manga, and is a great anime and manga in my eyes. Jump into the world of Amestris and see what can you recall there. If you haven't hit the books, I suggest you do so soon!

If you have read or watch the entire series, I suggest you take this quiz to test your knowledge! It will have spoilers if you haven't finished the series, and isn't THAT hard, so it's a nice way to test your knowledge.

Created by: Lumay4
  1. What did Greed truly want in the end, the reason why he couldn't satisfy his greed?
  2. In season 1 of the anime, Sloth was different from the manga's. What was the difference in their powers?
  3. Who killed Hughs?
  4. How does Envy die in the manga?
  5. What limbs does Edward lose during the human transmutation?
  6. When did Edward receive his State Alchemist license?
  7. What is the date when Ed and Al burned their house, to make sure never to turn back?
  8. What is the main ingredient for the Philosopher's Stone?
  9. What city was turned into Philosopher's Stones?
  10. What year did Edward and Winry marry?

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