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Hello. Graham Henry from the NZRFU here. Now then. While we NZers are watching the 2011 Rugby World Cup, we don't want to be distracted with any silly questions about offsides and what-have-you.

With that in mind, please fill in the following randomly-generated "Rugby IQ" questionnaire to the best of your abilities and remember, if your answers aren't up to snuff, I personally am going to see to it that your viewing privileges are limited to the early pool games. Perhaps Onehunga playing Laos or some rubbish. Good luck. - Graham.

Created by: NZRFU
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  1. Which Australian was the first to score 10 tries in international rugby?
  2. Which colours do Bath play in?
  3. Who was the first English player to play in 50 internationals?
  4. What's the nickname of the Australian Rugby team?
  5. Who won the first Rugby Union World Cup in 1987?
  6. What's happening in Levin?
  7. Can a scrum be formed in the in-goal area?
  8. What is an "infringement"?
  9. What is an infringement during a line-out?
  10. What are the four phases of the scrum?
  11. What is a "first five eighth"?
  12. What is a "conversion"?
  13. What is the purpose of a scrum cap?

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