My BETTER test about Zombies

Have you already taken "My test about zombies?" Did you score well? As the creater of "My test about zombies," I give you "My BETTER test about zombies!"

It's all in the title. I decided to make a longer, more beleivable test about zombies. This will test all forms of knowledge, emotional, and survival skills about the zombie apocalypse.

Created by: RubberNinjaPwn
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  1. Are you ready? *This question will not effect your final grade.*
  2. Are you SURE you are ready? *Won't effect.*
  3. These 1st questions are based on your plan for survival. What would be your main food supply?
  4. What kind of group would you survive with?
  5. What is your plan for survival??
  6. Which gun do you prefer?
  7. Which melee weapon do you prefer?
  8. Which vehical do you prefer?
  9. These next questions are about your courage. Would you hesitate to kill a zombie for the 1st time?
  10. Do you think that it's rigt to kill?
  11. Would you sacrifice yourself for one of your partners?
  12. Describe yourself.
  13. If you were bitten, but were not infected yet, wich of these would you do?
  14. These last questions are setup in a theoratical story. You are in bed when you here gunfire outside of your house and screams of terror. What do you do?
  15. You quickly leave your house when a couple of bullets go through the walls. What 2 things do you take with you?
  16. When you get outside there is a bunch of open cars with the keys in them. There is also your car which you have the keys for, but it's only a small car. Which do you take?
  17. You are in your vehical of choice. You are driving to your friends house when you see someone injured on the side of the road. What do you do?
  18. You finally get to your friend's house. You see that he has boarded up his windows and doors. You also know that he has roof access in his house. What do you do?
  19. He let's you in his house. You ask him what is going on. He says that there is a zombie apocalypse upon the world. You ask him...
  20. He decides to join you but, you have to pick up his friend as well. You get to his friend's house and it is completely destroyed. What do you do?
  21. Your friend makes you go in and he comes with you. You find that his friend is okay. You all grab shotguns from inside. When you come back outside, there are ten zombies swarming your vehical. What do you do?
  22. You end up killing all of them and you get your vehical back. You are driving when your vehical runs out of gas next to the woods. What do you do?
  23. Your friend's friend goes out to find gas. You wait for 2 hours but, he doesn't come back. You and your friend go into the woods. You see a giant abandoned house. What do you do?
  24. There are people inside that tell you not to come any closer or they will shoot you. What do you do?
  25. They throw some food for you and you leave them alone. You are walking and you see a group get out of their car to go get food. What do you do?
  26. You decide to spare the group and you don't steal their vehical. Suddenly, 10 zombies start running toward you. You and your friend only have 3 shells each. What do you do?
  27. You are running away when you see a boat by the river. You and your friend get in and escape the horde. But, you notice that your friend has a bite on his arm. What do you do?
  28. Last question: Before you do anything, he turns and bites you. You emidiately throw him off the boat. You get to the end of the creek and you are back into the city. What is the last thing you do before you are zombified?

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