Zombie Survival Test

ZOMBIES! Zombies everywhere! What do you do? Panic? Cry? Grab your favorite stuffed animal? NO!! Take this quiz here and find out if you will survive!

This quiz will tell you your likeliness to survive a zombie invasion. You will need to have a good knowledge of weapons, know how to set up traps, and know how to find food. Do you have what it takes?

Created by: Crazegirl23
  1. Zombie Invasion! There was some wierd soil or something in the graveyards and all the dead have turned into zombies! All houses must be evacuated and you have been told to head up to the town welcome center. What do you grab from your house?
  2. When you reach the town center, you see that everyone there was killed by zombies, therefore doubling the zombie population!!! There arent any zombies after you, so what's your next move?
  3. After looting the nearby stores, you realize you need to find someplace safe because the sun is setting and you dont wanna get eaten. Where to?
  4. Let's say you decide to set up a camp inside Wal-Mart. You're making a defence incase any zombies try to break in when you realize you need more ammunition. There's plenty in the hunting aisles in the store with ammo along with several other weapons. Are you game enough to steal?
  5. Zombies begin an attack on you! Your defence is working great against them, but several were smart enough to move to the back of the store. (Or they were lured by the meat isle...) They are rushing you from behind! You...
  6. You survive the attack, but you're defence is destroyed and the store is no longer a good place for shelter. You restock on essentials from the store and then head out. Do you head further out from the middle of town or closer?
  7. Let's say you head further out. You're walking along the side of the road when you come across two people who are lost and confused. What do you do?
  8. The two people join your team. But then the boy starts arguing about where we should go next with the girl. They both make good points but the sun is setting on day 2 and you need to pick fast. How do you settle this argument?
  9. Suddenly your group is invaded! You have several weapons and so you arm the boy and girl with...
  10. You all manage to hold back the zombies but the boy gets bitten. You...
  11. Just as you're about to kill him the girl stops you and starts crying. She wont let you kill him, but you can see he is more zombie than human by now and you have to do something.
  12. One way or another the boy is gone. You and the girl continue on away from town and see that there are a lot less zombies around here. Suddenly this wierdo old man comes at you guys saying, "I have the cuuureee for zoooommmmbiiieesss"...
  13. Turns out he did have the cure. The end.

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