The Zombie Test/Quiz: yup zombies...

Sick of those zombie tests and quizzes that you fail but don't understand why even tho you did everything right? Well go here! Their easy but you need to think and go random a bit...

Zombies are taking over? No not yet but are you sure your ready when they are? You just Rawred in your pants again huh? This quiz has a lot of that stuff you know... lol

Created by: Nash

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  1. Alright, your in your house doing whatever you do in their... Until your phone rings. It is your family seeing if your alright. What are you going to do?
  2. After you find out what is going on, something about crazy people, what will you do?
  3. Lets get off topic... Can zombies run?
  4. When a outbreak does happen, where should you NOT go?
  5. Which armor is better?
  6. Lets focus on your zombie smarts... Do zombies eat because they have to?
  7. If you have different foods... donuts, candy, a dead zombie over at the corner, Your arm, Canned food, and Fresh fish. What will you eat first?
  8. Can you run? For how long? don't lie your they'll get you!
  9. How long can you stay up without losing your mind?
  10. Are you a light sleeper?
  11. Can you stand seeing a walking corpse that was your own mother eating your own father after your sister ate your own mother walking to you with your younger brothers heart in her mouth?
  12. How fast can a zombie rot away? Not in frost lands and in dry lands...
  13. Which one is better?
  14. If a zombie bite your friend but did not bite to deep but still broke the skin... not to badly tho... what will you do?
  15. Where will you go if a outbreak happens?
  16. If you are corner by 40 zombies and you have 3 members in your party with well ammo and guns... which one will you do?
  17. If you can only have one in your team for now which will it be?
  18. Why do zombie stay in the city?
  19. do you think your doing good so far?
  20. Alright, I think that is enough... Why do zombie moan again?
  21. Where is the best place to camp in your own little home?
  22. If your one the run, how many should you bring with you?
  23. When you are protecting a place, how many should you bring?
  24. Have you ever fired a gun before? I mean a really life gun, not a pistol...
  25. Are you in a zombie group?
  26. What was the saying in War World Z the New Mexico, Town called Hope... was?
  27. Here is some points you can get for all your hard work...
  28. Do you need to take any pills to stay alive right now?
  29. If you see a person being attacking by a group of zombies, and you notice that their a Wiccan... Will you still help them?
  30. This is the last question... I hope you pass with a 80 or more... if not then you stick... If your the only one in your group after the dead ate them or they ran from your craziness... what will you do?

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