Taking Back What Was Meant To Be Mine... ~part 2~

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Welcome to part two of 'Taking Back What Was Meant To Be Mine'! Well, let me just say something now- this part aint as good as the first one... Well, part three is coming out soon, so look out for that! :D Well, the first few questions are a little short because I wrote them down on paper first! Well, thanks to Loony Luna for helping me write it! Anyway, I think some 'love' fans will love this one! :D Storyqueen Xxx :D

Too usual... The day was too usual for Liz. Alex was of course the person who attacked Erik, but how? Could he have used powers? Is there anyone who can tell her everything she wants to know? Does Chase have a secret crush on someone? Is Liz AND Chase seeing the ghost of the 'Hanging Emo?' Did Erik JUST faint? Is Liz going mad? Find out...

Created by: storyqueen

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  1. Things were starting to look up. Thouse my nightmare voice haunted my mind while I walked to school with Chase, the sun was shining and I was smiling. Chase kept making me laugh. "So, the next thing I knew he was on the floor, pretending to have a fit! God, that dude is so funny! I'm glad he's out of hospital now. Casey's relieved as well; that reminds me, I need to throw my hoodie away..." I smiled. Erik had been taking home last night, but him and Casey have to stay home; Casey wanted to look after Erik- I think he's fine though. When I and Chase turned the corner to school, the clouds seemed to fill with the greyest colour I've ever seen, and wherever I looked, there wasn't a happy thought I could think of. The look on Chase's face meant 'T.T.S!'
  2. Even the classrooms were dark and haunted. The usual happy science lesson was worse than maths; I blame the supply teacher. The work was so hard, and Chase didn't get half of it, so I had to help. "Right Class, your teacher has left you a science assessment on reproduction, and you have to work in partners to make models of an egg and a sperm. Now, because I hate you all, you will be working in partners: one boy, one girl. The girl had to do the sperm and the boy had to do the egg. Now, Adam Mitchel, who do you hate?" The supply teacher asked a boy in the front. We all knew who he hated. "Sarah Biginham," he said wimply. Sarah and her friends sn-----ed at this. "Well then, Adam and Sarah go together. Now, Chase, who do you hate?" Chase, like me, would have had the thought to say he hates me so we could together, but we have had this teacher too many times to know that she's smart, and remembers everyone's best friend. "Casey Whitley," replied Chase.
  3. Everyone else tried to use the same tactics, most of them failing. Erik- though he was off- was out with Amy McDiggory, a sweet girl who- sadly for Erik- had a crush on him. The avalable people in the class were getting lower and lower, and I was soon worrying I would be put with Simon Fench, the class nerd, or Brian Thomson, the bad-boy. I tried to forget about it and wait for my name to be called by the boy who hates me. "Liz Grey!" I looked up to find half of the class looking surpriced and scared at me. Even Chase was looking like that. "Miss. Grey, the boy who hates you, and you will be working with, is Alex Soares..."
  4. For the rest of the morning, there was something more than the heavy rain-cloud feeling in the air. Everyone in the hallways and classes were staring at me. Even Chase was still opened mouthed at me. Couldn't he see that this was my chance to talk to Alex and question him about what he knew about Erik's 'attack'! We both sat in out usual places in the canteen, minus Casey and Erik. As usual, as well, across the room was sat Alex, eating his usual chocolate. Like usual... Too usual... That feeling in the air was too hard to ignore, and everytime I glanced over to alex it felt like another gallon of bed-feeling air was being pumped into the room. "Well, Liz, I need to go to the men's room, so I'll meet you by the Ol' Hangin', eh?" I looked back at Chase and nodded. This would be my time to talk to Alex. "Ok, see ya!" Chase walked off.
  5. I watched as Chase walked out before I turned to look at the table at the back of the canteen. Once again, he had mysteriously disapeared from his seat, and was nowhere to be found. I sighed and looked back down at my tray of salty chips- half eaten and half unadvatising. Usually Chase nicked a few of my chips; today was an exception. He didn't even look at my chips; deep in thought, I supose. He was probaly suspecting Alex to be the attacker of Erik. Half of me was wondering whether Erik was attacked, or if he was simply fainted. Well, if Erik couldn't remember, then the one eye-wittness would; Casey.
  6. Yes, Casey would surely tell me exsactly what happened now that Erik was ok. I would just have to get her to- "Arrrrh!!!!!!!" I had just looked up and had come face to face with the white hair of Alex. I stared at his emotionless face for a moment, but then realised my sceam sounded bad. "I'm sorry..." I muttered. His face stayed the same. "So, what are you doing here? Something about the project?" He didn't answer me, just stared. "Ok then... Do you hate me? I mean, you choose me out of all those people who take the p**s out of you..?" He stared at me for a moment but then answered. "I need to talk to you, Miss." I was supriced by his voice. Though it sounded very scientific and wise, his accent brought out something that almost made me fall for him- pure English accent. In his hand he twirled his pen; it seemed like he was unawear of himseld doing it, subconsciously moving his fingers around the pen, spinning and flipping it, never once slightly loosing his grip on it.
  7. I didn't really know what to say back to him. HE needed to talk... to ME?! What, was I next on his hitlist? "What about?" I asked back. His face still remained emotionless, and his stare seemed to go right through me. Without looking away from inside my eyes, he reached into his bag and got out a chocolate bar. He opened it and snapped a piece off and ate it. "Elizabeth Grey... What happened with your little friend, Erik?" I was quite suprised by this question. How did he know about Erik's 'attack'? The only way he would know is if he--- "I don't really know... Apparently he fainted, or something..." I didn't know whether Alex was pleased or disapointed by my answer, but he kept staring at me. "What's the chance of Erik being attacked from afar?" I was slightly confused by this question, but I tried to answer it the best I could. "Well, not likely, to be in fact. It's not like someone had superpowers to kill someone... In less that person was Light Raito(Yagami), then that would kinda be possible..." I didn't know whether Alex had seen Death Note or not, but there was a chance he might have. "Well, that is very true... but, what is this person had now weapon- or Death Note in this case? What if this person HAD powers?" I didn't know where Alex was coming from with this. Was he suggesting HE had powers? "That's not possible..." I simply said. If I was going to bring Alex to justice, I would need to play dumb, and not suspect anything. Alex kept staring at me for a moment, but then he snapped another piece of chocolate. "Well then"-he put the chocolate in his mouth-"what is someone- or something- was trying to attack Erik because of something that happened in the past?" I could slightly tell that Alex didn't want to be going all scientific with his thoughts, but he was suggesting too much of what I knew already. How did he know that I was suspecting something to do with Erik's holiday? "Well, I don't really know what happened... Erik went on holiday, and said nothing really happened there........ Why are we talking about this anyway?" I decided I wanted to end this conversation about Erik, since all the information that Alex was giving me was too creepy. He knew too much about what happened to Erik for me to ignore. He must have been the one who attack Erik; if not, he was working for them...
  8. "Well, I have to go anyway. Something need to be done away from some eyes. I have business to attend to. Goodbye, Miss. Grey..." And with that, Alex walked away. I looked back down at my chips to find, somehow, all of them had been eaten. "Well, I better find-" Before I could say anymore, someone else sat down at the table. "God, why are you still in here, Liz? The bell went half an hour ago..." I from Chase, to the clock, and back to Chase. "We're missing English. Apparently we've got the supply teacher from science... Shall we just ditch?" Somehow, the words that Chase said invited me into a new type of world, a world where I broke every rule of the school, the law, and life... I would do the impossible. I would prove that Erik was attacked by some supernatural being. I would prove that it it possible. I would prove that Alex tried to kill Erik. I would make Alex pay for what he did to my friend. Alex will die.................. "So, I was thinking, since you didn't eat any of your chips, if you wanted to-" He was cut off by me almost screaming with joy. Under Ol' Hangin' was a picnic set out with all my favourite food; there was chicken and lettus baguetts, strawberry jelly, salt and vinigar crisps, and all sorts of foods I loved. "Chase! This is EPIC!!!" I said, turning around. I wrapped my arms around him. He always made me happy. "Glad I could... er... make you smile..." he said, but then we both sat down below the tree. We started eating the food, which, by the way, was the best thing I have ever tasted! After we had finished, we both decided to just stay out by the tree and chill. I needed time away from lessons to think over how to get Alex to admit he attacked Erik, and how. "So, what are you doing later?" Chase asked, leaning back against the tree, looking up at the sky. "Well, I and Jack are going to visit Mum. Apparently she's not woken yet. Jack's been there all day....." Chase was silent at this. "Well, I hope she gets better soon..." I said to myself. Chase still seemed quiet. "Well"-I sat up and reached over to start packing the picnic hamper-"we should be getting back to lessons now." Chase moved at this and jumped in front of me and started packing before I could even touch a fork. "Yea, we better..." he mumbled. For the last few minutes- I decided- I should just relax against the tree.
  9. Chase had finished packing and was now sat in front of me, looking at me in the eyes. "What?" I asked. Something was very different about Chase. Was he suspecting Alex as well? I didn't know. "Nothing..." he said. No emotion. Yes, he must have been thinking about Alex... The air around us was pieceful, and the still auturm air was lovely. The birds were flying high in the air, and, something else was flying around. One, tiny, little bee. When I saw it flying towards me, I screamed. Chase knew I was allergic to bee stings, and at once grabbed the blanket for the picnic- that he had folded on top of the hamper- and flung it at the bee. The bee soon flew away after that. "You ok?" he asked. I nodded. "Thanks..." I mumbled. I felt kinda stupid, being scared of something to little. I was still kinda freaked out by the bee, and kept looking around to see if it had come back. Chase noticed this and gently placed a hand on my leg. "Liz, it's gone..." I stopped looking around and looked him straight into his eyes. So bright and blue, so calm and caring... I don't know how long I was staring into his eyes, but, it was long enough that I hadn't noticed Chase placing his other hand over my shoulder as he leant it against the tree. There was no sounds around apart from our breathing and my heart beating. It seemed like there was nothing else in the world apart from me and Chase. I was no longer scared of the bee, or anything now. I had totally forgotten about Alex and Erik. I had even forgotten who I was. It was just Chase. He stared back into my eyes, and, ever so slightly, so slightly it make my heart stop, he tilted his head to the left and leant slowly towards me. Not only my heart stopped, my lungs had stopped working as well. He came closer, and slowly closed his eyes. Was he really going to--- I couldn't think of that now. He was about to kiss me. I started to lean closer towards him. We were inches away. My first kiss, with my BEST FRIEND!!! I almost started to reg- BANG! Something had fell out of the tree and hand landed right next to us. We both looked and I screamed. A black haired, black clothed body lay on the floor, blood splashed everywhere...
  10. I and Chase both screamed, and before we could do anything to help that dude, we had both ran away. By the time I had realised what had happened, we were both at the back of the school, both still in shock. I turned and stared at Chase. "What happened? Who was that dude?" I said. He didn't answer, but slowly looked around the corner of the building towards Ol' Hangin'. "What...?" he muttered to himself. I stood beside him and looked, to find nobody lay by the tree, and no blood around. "Where did he go?" We both walked- very scared and freaked out- over to the tree. No trace of anyone. Nothing at all; not even a spot of blood. "Do you reckon-" "it was a-" "ghost...?" Both I and Chase said. Was it possible, I was seeing ghosts?
  11. Well, at least Chase had seen him as well. Later on that day I was lay on my bed, thinking today through. Alex was the one who attacked Erik; I know that. But, what was that with the dude who fell out of the tree? I was going mad- was one of my thoughts- but there again, maybe it was the truth. Chase had seen him as well, after all. Outside my window the night was falling. The sunset was just beginning, and the air looked so peaceful. Someone urged me to go outside and walk up to the park. I jumped up from my bed and walked downstairs and outside. I was right; the night air was warm and still- perfect. I walked towards the park by myself, enjoying the time alone. I just hoped nobody else would be--- Wait, I didn't have four feet. So why could I hear another pair of footsteps? Oh, stupid me, someone was walking behind me. I slowly turned around and froze. "No, not you!" I screamed. I couldn't be seeing him right now. No, never... I had to go. I turned back around and ran. "Wait, Liz!" shouted the person, and they ran after me. God, no, this was not happening. I ran faster and soon I was hidding behind the tree at the park. "I lost him..." I muttered to myself. "Hello, Liz..." I turned my head and came face to face with him. "How do you know my name?" I asked, scared out of my skin. "I know a lot of things about you, Elizabeth Grey. Somethings are worth telling you; some aren't. Maybe I should start by introducing myself. My name is Deangelo Mauro, and I've been watching you for quite some time." Though I was scared, the way he introduced himself made me think twice about him. "Stalker..." I muttered. He rolled his eyes and and pushed his longish black hair away from his grey eyes. "Sorry for dropping in earlier. Hope I didn't scare you too much. I see you've met Alex Soares. Well, if I was you, I wouldn't talk to him. Bad business. My path and Alex's have passed each other quite a few times in the past. He's quite a charmer when he gets to know someone. Breaks their hearts by the truth. Befriended them, killed off their friends and family, then kills them... Terrible, if you ask me. Anyway, shall we get down to business......"
  12. I didn't know if Deangelo knew my face was confused and scared, but he talked to me like if we had both been friends for years. "Excuse me; what business?" I asked. Deangelo patted my shoulder and lead me over to a park bench. "Well then, Liz, I've been trying to tell you about Alex for a while, but your friends kept getting in the way. The kid with the weird name keeps looking at me; I think he thinks I was the one who attacked Owen- no, Erik. What's your friends name- something like running... Chase, yea! Well, I just wanted to tell you that it was Alex who attacked Erik. It's a bit complicated how he did it, but, I hope you can bare with me. Well, this is the weapon he used..." Deangelo opened the black rucksack he had on his back and pulled out a pen. I looked confused at it. Deangelo slightly smiled and winked at me. "Well, this pen has a very magical way of killing someone. You've watched Death Note, I supose. Well, you know how Light Yagami writes names down his his Death Note to kill people, well, this is more simple. Just click the end, picture the person's face in your head, whisper their name, and they faint. After fainting it sends them into a coma, and they all die after ten days. Nobody can prove that this pen can kill in less they try it, or someone shows them. Well, I could prove it to you now, but I wouldn't really want to kill anyone innocent." Deangelo and I both looked around the park. Over the far side of the park, a scene was accuring. A girl about my age was sat at a bench, and coming slowly towards her was two tough-looking men. Both had evil smiles on their faces. One of them walked in front of her and grabbed her. Looked like they were going to do 'bad' things to that poor girl. "Deangelo, if you want to prove it, kill that guy who's attacking that girl..." I said. Deangelo stared over at the people and then, silence...
  13. The silence was pain. The two men had the girl on the floor, and were trying to rip her clothes off. "Deangelo, hurry up and-" I stopped as both of the men suddenly fell to the floor. The girl quickly stood up and ran away. I stared at Deangelo. "It... really... worked...!!!" I muttered. Deangelo smiled. "Wow, Deangelo, that was-" Deangelo held his hand out. "Liz, call me Dean. So, I guess you believe me. Well, if you're wondering why I have this pen, it's acturally a prototype. The real pen is twiddled around Alex's finger. I thought you would have saw that one coming. You're quite good at detective work, you know, Liz. I mean, you already suspect the person who caused all of this. When are you going to come down on him? I can't do it myself; he'd just kill me, even if it was in front of a crowd. But with you, well, that is something different altogether. I could give you my pen so you can protect yourself, but, I have to protect myself as well. The world could end and I wouldn't be there to save it. I'm the reason the world didn't end in 2000, you know. Stopped the moon crashing into the world. Anyway, that was ages ago. Well, if you ever get in trouble, I'll be there to save you. So, I must leave. Got work to be done. I'll walk you to your house..." Dean stood up and held a hand out. I held his hand and he helped me up. I was no longer afraid of him. For one, he wasn't a ghost. Also, he had told me everything I wanted to know. I could now bring Alex to justice. "Thanks..."
  14. I and Dean walked down the road hand in hand. I didn't notice this in till we were both stood outside my front door. I stared into Dean's eyes. "So, I'll see you around?" Dean said, and turned and walked off. What was I thinking? Dean would never have kissed me just then. I watched him walk down the road alone, and then turned and walked inside. I walked upto by bed and stared out the window. It was dark outside, and out in the distant of my road I saw Dean walking. But then, he jumped up in the air, and...

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