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  • Gahhh, I'm really loving this story! And thanks for taking the advice on the writing bit. But did you HAVE to use my surname in this? -.- No, do not specify which one it is Queen, you've done enough. Plus, how can Alex be the bad guy? I hate Liz, she's so gullible! Alex forever *o* ~Luna

    Loony Luna
  • *comes down.on hands and knees in front of.storyqueen and takes hands in mine* my dearest storyqueen, you are not a queen at all, you are the Goddess of story and your soul and heart must be as beautiful as the words you write... I hope to read the next one soon....*kisses hand stands up turns around and walks away*

    death the kid 13
  • Ugh, this close to kiss Chase, this close, and a body just happened to fall out from the tree. I can't believe Alex is evil, and i happened to kinda like him. Death Note, havent watched it in a long time

  • Love this series, part 3!!!!!!

  • can't wait for part 3 :)


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