Summer Camp Love Story/4

Hey sorry i havent been posting my story! Ive been busy reading an awesome series called Dont Leave Me Hanging by xxblutixx.Oh and also sorry my quizes are short. I'm not very good at making them long.

Character description: Brian:Gorgeous blue eyes and brown flippy hair, Brandon: Brown hair with soft gray eyes, Skyler: tall with dirty blonde hair with light green eyes, Nick: Black hair with brown eyes, Jami: Your best friend at camp. Black hair with clear blue eyes

Created by: starscreamer

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  1. You woke up with the usual sore back. You rubbed it and got dressed in a t-shirt and skinny jeans. You shook the girl that slept in the bed next to you, Jami, who you had become friends with. She raised her head sleepily and pushes her black hair out of her face. “Morning already?” she asked. You nod and she groans. You wait patiently as she dresses slowly and then you walk together to the cafeteria together. It seemed so far away even though your cabin was only a few yards away from it. A couple other people had arrived at the cafeteria and were already eating. They were serving pancakes and grits. You absolutely hated grits. Their taste, texture, and not to mention that you’ve seen people throw it up before so yeah. That’s three reasons not to like it. You give them to Jami who happily gobbles them down. You feel disgusted.
  2. “You’re not going to be sick are you Sam?” Jami questions. “No, I don’t think so.” You answer. “Well let’s go back to the cabin and get ready.” She says. “Get ready for what?” She looks at you surprised. “Didn’t you know? We’re going hiking today!” “Oh, okay. Wait, when were we told about this?” you ask. “Last night. But I remember now. You weren’t there at the moment.” She says. Then she looks at you confused. “Where were you?” “Err…nowhere,” you answer quickly. That was when you were with Brian. You hoped she dropped the subject. She shrugged. “Whatever.”
  3. *Back at the cabin* You grab a small backpack and gather some things you might need. By the time you’re done, everyone else is ready to go. Your cabin mates walk in a group to a trail and wait for the others. You instantly spot Brandon and Skyler and wave at him. Skyler slightly smiles and blushes while Brandon jogs over to you and hugs you. “Are you ready to go hiking?” he asks. “Yep,” you answer cheerfully. You look over at Skyler who looks kind of sad for a moment until you walk over to him. “What’s wrong, Skyler?” He shakes his head. “Nothing,” he says quietly. You notice that the campers had started following the trail. “Well come on. We’re going to be left behind.” You say jokingly. You grab his hand and lead him down the trail which eventually becomes a steep hill.
  4. It’s seems like you’ve been hiking for about an hour until you finally reach the top. You stand in awe as you take in your surroundings. You can see the camp and the whole forest. It looks so pretty up on the hill. You sit down and look around you. It all seems so perfect here. Skyler sits by you and after a bit he hesitantly puts his arm around you. You surprise him and lean into him wishing you could capture the moment with a camera. Jami has that covered for you through. She jumps out of nowhere and snaps a picture. “Hey!” you say as you jump up. “Awe. You guys look so cute together!” she teases. You chase her around the area trying to steal her camera. Suddenly you trip. Pain shoots through your leg but you refuse to cry out. “Oh my gosh, Sam! Are you alright?” Jami asks worriedly. Hearing the worry in her voice, Skyler jumps up and is by your side in seconds.
  5. “It looks like you’ve twisted your ankle,” he says. “Will I be alright?” He nods. “I think so. I’m going to carry you back to camp though, okay?” You nod because you’re not sure you can make it down the hill. The other campers had already started leaving so Skyler picks you up and follows. You wrap his arm around his neck, ready for the journey back. Jami picks up your bag and goes ahead. Skyler’s kind of slow since he’s trying to keep his balance and carry you at the same time. It took about twice as long to reach the bottom of the hill as it did to go up it. He sets you down by your cabin. “I hope your ankle starts feeling better soon.” He says. He seems to hesitate for a moment then kiss your forehead quickly and walks away. You smile. It good to see that Skyler was gaining more courage and confidence.
  6. You were going to enter your cabin but you notice something out of the corner of your eye. It’s Nick. He’s watching you from the shadow of the forest. When you make eye contact he looks away and tries to disappear into the forest. “Wait!” you say and limp after him. You try to find him but fail. Then you hear his calm voice which startles you. “Sam, what are you doing here?” You look up to see him perched on a tree limb. “I was following you. Why did you run away from me?” He looks shocked at the question and jumps down. “I wasn’t and I wouldn’t have kept going if I knew you were following me.” You decide to ask another question. “Why were you watching me?” he stays silent for a moment then answers. “I guess I sort of feel drawn to you.” “Then why don’t you come talk to me instead of hiding?” He shrugs. Your stomach growls and you look at it and tell it to shut up in your mind.
  7. Nick gives you a smile. “Are you hungry?” You laugh. “I guess so.” “Well come on then. Let’s not keep your stomach waiting.” He surprisingly takes your hand and walks you over to the cafeteria where you both get something. “So how come you always stick to the shadows?” you say when you finish your food. He stops eating and sighs. “I guess it’s because I’ve always had bad experiences here at this camp. I’d just rather there not be anymore. Taking me away from everyone else seemed like the best way to avoid the bad experiences.” “Why do you bother coming to camp then?” you ask. “My parents make me,” Nick mumbles. You laugh. It’s the same exact thing your parents did. “So what’s wrong with your ankle?” Nick asks trying to change subjects. “Oh, I tripped.” You say simply. Nick nods and finishes his food.
  8. “Well I got to get going, Sam.” He says. “Oh, okay.” You say. “Bye.” “Bye,” he answers and walks away but stops and turns around. He gives you a calm smile and says, “I hope we’ll get to see each other again soon, Sam.” And continues out the door.
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