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  • Awh :3 thanks starscreamer and angelic, sorry to distract you from writing though :P Hmm I'm still not sure who I like, but I'm looking at Brandon and Nick at the moment. Oh and I agree with angelic4's suggestions, but I also highly recommend xxdarkxx's series "which will fall for you" even though it's been left unfinished

  • ok with early series like yours you need to constantly post so people won't get confuzzled, and isn't Don't Leave Me Hanging awesome n_n, u should try Never From Ordinary, Paranormal Love those series are great as well

  • So sorry it took me a couple days. It might be even harder to post because todays the last day of spring break! D: (just kill me now:()I dont want to go back to school!:'(

  • idk what to comment now... its been a long time since i saw this quiz (more like 3 days)i think its because of this quiz/story that i read...(not firey souls) i like whare this is going somehow... and if u see this firey soul... YOUR LOSING ME!!!!!!!

  • awwwwwwwwww, I LOVE SKYLER! I didn't find it confusing...I can't wait for your next one!

  • O.o whoa. ...... *frowns* Oh man! Now I'm confuzeled!!!! :O


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