Summer Butterfly Camp Quiz 1

Are you up for the test. Are you a smart genius. Find out if you are up for the challenge of advance. if you get some wrong just study and remember to believe you can do it.

It is challenge! it is a big step! Are you up for it! This is the summer butterfly camp quiz one. This quiz is to see if you are best in math or not.

Created by: Mrs.Payne and Mrs.Eaton of this site
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  1. 2+2=
  2. what is 0+0=
  3. 8+2=
  4. Marty walks home 4 miles then walks another 4 miles. How many miles did Marty walk?
  5. I have 10 cookies. Elizabeth wants 3 of my cookies. If I give her 3 cookies how many cookies do I have left.
  6. 3+2=
  7. 9+9=
  8. 8 dogs are in the school. they get rid of 4 of them, how many dogs are left
  9. 1+1=
  10. 10 cookies are at a party. nobody got a cookie. how many cookies are still there

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