Somehow I'm Alive (part 13)

This part is probably the second most dramatic part in this story. m not sure if this will surprise you or if you've already seen this coming. Either way be prepared.

Thanks for all of your comments. Right now I'm working on typing the sequel as well, so I'll probably be able to start putting that out after this one finishes. :D

Created by: Topaz

  1. ***Jaslina's Point of View***"Wow," I say sarcastically to myself. "How shocking." We pull into the dirt parking lot of a deserted airport. It looks as if it's been shut down for years. Really, it isn't shocking that this would be the White-dressed Woman's pick of a hide out. It's deserted, old, and spine-chilling. All of the things that she seems to like the best in a secret hide-out. I don't feel safe here. I don't feel safe here at all. But if it means saving Tammy and Landon it'll be worth it. "Okay," says Ryan. "Remember the plan. I betrayed you, and captured you. I'm a trader and I deceived you." "We got it, Ryan," I say, "We act all helpless and defeated. Then at 1:30 tonight you break us all out, and we get the heck out of here." "Okay, good." Ryan ties one final knot on the rope that ties Rayla and me together. The rope was my idea. If we want this to work, we've got to make this look as authentic as possible. We enter the main building and take a right down the first hallway. This place is really dimly lit, scary, and just disturbing. If I were doing this for anyone but my friends, I would be running out of here. Coming to the middle of the hall we make a left, then another left, and come out into what probably used to be a food court. It's not a food court anymore that's for sure. Ryan stops. This must be where they said they'd meet him that day in the hotel lobby. They had to have suggested a meeting place. I would ask him, but there is always the chance that Sapphire and the White-dressed Woman may over hear if they're nearby. I can't ruin the plan. It's the only plan we've got. I see three shadows on the wall across from us and I hear the voices of the Caroga women. But who's with them? Turning the corner, they come into view. Sapphire is wearing magenta spaghetti straps, a black and white spotted mini skirt, and her hair hanging down her back as usual. The very sight of her sickens me. One thing that I notice about her that I didn't notice before is the viper tattoo that wraps around her upper right arm. Next to her stands her mother in a long, pale yellow dress accompanied by a yellow flower in her hair. Neither of them ever hesitates on dressing fashionably. Standing between them, his arms bound tightly behind his back, is Landon.
  2. "Ryan," says the White-dressed Woman. "You did come after all, and you brought guests'." "Yes, and might I say, it wasn't that hard. These two will believe anyone. Just say you're on their side and they accept you with opened arms. Sad isn't it?" "Incredibly sad, yes," says Sapphire. "It's hard to believe that someone as smart as Jaslina would buy something like that." For a second they're silent. "You are probably wondering why Landon is here," says the White-dressed Woman. "See, this little twit tried to escape so he could go get help for your friend Tammy. It's very sad the condition that she's in." "Yes," says Sapphire, "he actually thought that he could achieve this crazy plan of his." Landon says, "I would've achieved it, but I attempted going through an unstable door and it collapsed on me." "Did I say that you could speak?!" "No. I'll be quiet now." Something isn't right here. It is impossible to explain, but there is something off about Landon. Since when does he listen to Sapphire and the White-dressed Woman? There is something very wrong. And what happened to Tammy that is so bad? I would run right now, but we need to make sure Tammy's okay. Exchanging glances with Rayla, I can tell that she feels the same sense of "˜something's not right'. "Come with us," says Ryan's mother to Ryan. "It is time to lock up our two new prisoners and our almost escapee. Akmal will be here for them in three days to take them back." She concludes with edge to her voice "Excellent work, my son." We follow her and Sapphire down several hallways then down several flights of stairs. I want to run very badly. I look at Ryan and I see that he is wondering about Landon as well. "Do you think we should run?" I mouth to him. He shakes his head no, although he looks unsure. We follow them down several flights of stairs and into a large, empty room. Well, not completely empty. There are a couple support beams, and another door with a window above it, but that's it. "Ryan, Sapphire, tie these two to those poles over there, I can handle Landon." Ryan unties the rope that attached me and Rayla. Sapphire grabs me and pushes me up against the pole so hard that I think I'll have permanent indentation marks on my back. She gives me that malicious smile before fastening my arms together up to my elbows with long thick strands of rope. She comes back around and whispers menacingly in my ear, "Sit back and enjoy the show, Rowe. I know that it'll be one I'll certainly enjoy."
  3. ***Ryan's Point of View*** I don't know what it is, but something isn't right. I want to take Jaslina and Rayla and get them out of here. They and I both know that something is very wrong. The bad new is that it's too late to run now. We're already in too deep. I finish tying Rayla to the pole, and then I give her an appoligetic glance before standing next to my family.
  4. ***Jaslina's Point of View***I want to cry out to Ryan "Stop. Run! Get out of here!" But my throat is constricted from fear. "As I said before, excellent work, my son. Your plan was really quite brilliant; if we wouldn't have had your truck bugged we actually would've believed it. However, we don't believe it. Landon, my dear companion, it's time that you do what you've always wanted to do." Landon comes out from behind them and punches Ryan in the face so hard that he falls on the ground and does a summersault backwards. I struggle and do as much as I can to get loose. Sure, Ryan could take on Landon easily, but he can't take on all three of them. Ryan stands up, somehow avoiding another blow from Landon. "Landon, what's going on?" exclaims Ryan, "I thought you were on our side." Landon gets his own form of devious smile on his face. "It's funny, I thought you were on the side of your mom and sister, yet here you are helping these fugitives. You've become a fugitive yourself over this, you know." "I don't care if I have become a fugitive. I'm a Christian, and I will never hurt anyone the way I have in the past." Ryan ducks another one of Landon's swings and trips him. "Now explain yourself. Since when do you side with my mom and sister?" "Well, since Jaslina and Rayla are probably wondering I guess that I can explain." Landon works his way to his feet and suddenly all three of them are surrounding him. At this point I have the same question that Ryan has. How can Landon possibly be on their side?! Landon continues: "You see, Ryan, I was on you guys' side at first, but I got an offer that I just couldn't refuse. It was a very good offer. You'd never guess what the offer was. In fact, if you got an offer so good, I doubt you yourself would be able to refuse." Ryan gets a look across his face that I've never seen before. I don't think I have ever seen him this angry. "Explain to me the offer, Landon." Landon lets out a harsh laugh. "It's really quite simple. One day Akmal gave me a message that I got a choice as to whether I wanted to stay a slave or join the Caroga's slave hunting team. It was rumored that there was a rebel among their family and that they needed someone to replace him. All I had to do was help Jaslina, Tammy, and Rayla into being captured. In exchange for that not just did I get permanent freedom from slavery, but I also got the other one thing I've had my eyes on for a long time." Ryan is pushed into the wall face first, and the corner of his forehead is torn opened and bleeding. I see him wince in pain. I want to go over there and help him. I give one more jerk, but it's no use. Sapphire's really got this thing knotted tight! Backing away from the wall, Ryan swings at Landon twice with blood spewing out from his wound. Landon ducks twice, keeping from being hit by just inches. Apparently Sapphire and the White-dressed Woman see that Landon needs help and they go up behind Ryan and, with Landon's help, beat him to the ground.
  5. I feel tears streaming down my face. "Stop! Just stop it!" To Ryan's mom and sister, "How can you two crazies do this to your own flesh and blood?" "Jaslina," says Ryan, his voice crackling, "they won't stop. Be quiet or it'll be you that they harm the most." My throat contracts, so I give a weak nod. I pray inside my head that I can at least help treat his wounds if there is nothing else I can do. Sapphire and Landon give Ryan they're final kicks. "Alright," says the White-dressed Woman, "he's had enough. I want my son conscious enough to see this." Unable to stand, Ryan struggles to sit up. "Okay," Landon says, "That was fun, but I really ought to tell you what else I got out of this deal. Sapphire, come here babe." Sapphire prances over to him and falls deeply into Landon's embrace and they start making out. If we were in the arctic you'd think that they were going for excessive warmth. The sight of this sickens me. Even after they release each other, his arm is still locked firmly around her delicate waist. I can easily tell that Ryan isn't shocked by this. Infuriated, yes; shocked, no. Now Ryan has more than just the head wound. To accompany that he has a black eye, a swollen lip, and scratches up and down his arms and legs. He must have an opened wound on his back, because of the giant blood stain there that keeps getting larger. Seeing him like this makes me want to kill them. Especially Landon. He is the one who deceived us. He is part of the reason we came here. I should've at least suspected that he was a traitor.
  6. ***Ryan's Point of View*** "Get in there!" says my mother. "Oomph!" Jaslina trip and falls as the door closes behind Jaslina and I. I never should've made this plan. Jaslina, Rayla, and I have been recaptured and it's all because of me. There wasn't enough room in Rayla and Tammy's prison for all of us so they locked Jaslina and me up separately. They really did a number on me . I'm still conscious and alert and can talk, but I'm very weak. I can't stand up without someone helping me. My wounds need attention too. The room that we're in has shelves all up and down the walls. For a split second my pain subsides as I watch Jaslina climb up the shelves. "What are you doing?" I ask from my spot on the ground."Getting some of the medical supplies from up here. All of its fresh and your wounds need to be treated. I'm not about to let them get infected no matter the fact that we being held hostage." "Medical supplies? My family wouldn't leave me that if I had a broken rib." "Funny. That's what I was just thinking." I smile weakly and try to stand up, but instead end up moaning."Don't overdo it. You need to sit back down. I don't want you hurting yourself worse." "Alright, nurse, whatever you say." I say attempting a joke. In a case like this the best you can do is keep your sense of humor. After cleaning and bandaging the wound on my head she asks for me to take off my shirt so she can see the wound on my back. "It isn't too bad is it?" I ask. "Well, it's not that bad. It is very large, but it doesn't go deep so it'll be fine." "Here that, he'll be fine!"
  7. Jaslina jumps so high that her head almost bumped the ceiling I didn't know that anyone could hear us. Luckily it's just Rayla. "Rayla," says Jaslna, "please try not to scare us like that." "Sorry. I thought that you knew we could see you." "You can see us?" I ask. "How?" "Have you not noticed the hole in the wall?" says Tammy. "No, I'm sorry. In my agonizing pain I didn't catch that." I snap at her unintentionally. "Touchy," says Tammy. "Rayla, are you sure he's really on our side. We thought Landon was on our side and that turned out to be the opposite. He is the son of the people who locked us in here! You sure we can trust him?" Sure, I just got beaten up in an attempt to rescue her and she doesn't trust me.
  8. "You can trust him." says Jaslina walking toward the wall. "Ryan has been helping us since the fire. Then there is also the fact that he's locked in here with me. If we can't trust Ryan then we can't trust anyone." "Makes sense," says Tammy. "I'm still not entirely convinced, but I guess this'll have to do for now. So how do you know that Ryan will be fine?" "There is medical supplies and stuff in here. Looks like there'll be plenty to treat him until he's better." "Medical supplies? But that's impossible. If the Caroga's would've put that stuff in there I'd know it. I can hear everything that they discuss. That would've come up for sure." Jaslina and I exchange glances. If they didn't leave it then who did? "Wait? Are you serious? If they didn't leave it then why is it here?" says Jaslina. "I don't know," says Tammy. "But why question it?" asks Rayla. "Why not just use it and be thankful that it's there?" "Good point. Sorry, but I've gotta finish treating his back wound."
  9. ***Jaslina's Point of View~ A Week Later***Ryan can walk now. Although his gashes aren't completely healed he seems to be feeling much better. It surprises me that Akmal hasn't gotten here by now. Last night after the Caroga women and Landon went to bed on the main floor, we decided to discuss it with Tammy and Rayla. "Something's up. Wasn't Akmal supposed to be here by now?" I ask. "Yes," replies Rayla and Tammy in unison. "Yes. Four days ago to be exact," says Tammy. "Either he got lost or he's planning something extra special for us." "Extra special? You mean he can't just shoot us and let it be over with?" says Ryan. "No. He wants to see us suffer. I know Akmal. He's thinking of the slowest and the most painful deaths possible for us. Who knows? It could be days before he gets here." "Days?" Ryan's face lights up. Yup, I know where this going. Tammy says, "I know exactly what you're thinking, Ryan. We can't just attack and run. We need an actual plan." "I know. And luckily, I've already got the start of one. It may include some attacking, but only if we run into someone. Otherwise we simply sneak. There's gotta be more than one way out of here." Ryan hates the fact that he doesn't have a better plan than this, but at least he has a plan. I've got nothing. Besides, he is a former slave hunter. He should be good at coming up with plans.
  10. "So when do you think we should run for it, your brilliance?" says Tammy. "I was thinking tomorrow night. Everyone will be asleep." "Once everyone's asleep how do we bust out of these rooms?" asks Rayla. "Don't worry, it shouldn't be that hard. The hinges are loose. Getting out of these rooms is only a minor problem." "Alright, I believe it. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm tired and I'm going to sleep." I hear Tammy's footsteps cross the floor. "You know what; it's three-thirty in the morning. I should sleep too. Goodnight." Rayla and Tammy go to sleep, but for some reason, I'm not tired yet. "You gonna go to sleep too?" asks Ryan. "I could always try," I say, "but it'd be useless. I'm not really tired yet." "I'm tired, but I couldn't sleep if I tried. I wanna finish planning this too much." "Do you have any ideas?" "One. Wanna hear it?" "Sure, love to." "I was thinking that tomorrow evening we could make our escape attempt. There are two ways we could do this. Neither idea is that great, but at least they're something. With more time I could come up with something a lot more sophisticated, but we don't have any time.Plan number one is when Sapphire delivers our food we take her down and run. The downside to that is that we'd be discovered too quickly. Plan number two is we wait until the middle of the night and find a way to escape. So far I'm going with that plan. The thing is, I'm not sure how we'll get out. And even if we do get out I'm not sure how much noise we'll make.Which plan do you think is best?" "I'm not sure which plan to choose," I say. "It's a tossup. We have an equal shot at being re-captured either way." "Yes," says Ryan, "But if you did have to choose one, which one would it be?" "Probably the first one. It seems the most unpredictable. They'd never expect it." He seems to consider this. "Good point. I didn't quite think of that. But what do we do about Landon and my mom?" "Trust me; if Tammy gets loose we can definitely take them. They don't wanna mess with her." "Then explain to me how she got captured in the first place." "She was taken by surprise. Plus it was her against Sapphire, your mom and Landon. Now it'll be four against three." Ryan gets a disapproving look on his face. "Jaslina, my mom is an international criminal. She could count as two people by herself. Tammy by herself can't take her on." "That's why I recommend it be Tammy and Rayla that take her on." "What are you gonna do?" "Help you take on Landon. You saw how much he screwed you up the first time he fought you. Frankly, you need some help." "Okay, agreed. I can't fight him by myself." Ruffling his hair he says, "I guess that means we're going with plan number one." "Yeah I guess it does. Maybe we should get some sleep. We're gonna need it." Getting up and crossing the room to my sleeping corner, I say "Please try to get some sleep. Don't worry. God will protect us."

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