Someday nothing will be left for us (part 10)

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Part 10 is here. Sorry took a day or two. Busy busy life. But it's here. I havn't forgotten and I'm going to continue and please comment on how you think please. Thanks and hope you all enjoy yourselves.

Heres the thing yeah, we started out as friends but this is not a Kelly Clarkson song and not how it ends. Oh! Everything I thought about you were lies. Thought that I needed you but you were disguised. (Diablo by Simon Curtis)

Created by: Wolfygirl

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  1. "Jake what on earth are you doing?" Jared demands. "What do you mean?" Jake asks casually. "YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN!?" Jared yells. "I'm sorry I couldn't hear you....." Jake says. "STOP IGNORING ME!" Jared yells. "Show me the books now," Jake says ignoring Jared again. "You are so cruel you know that!?" Jared says, "Are you trying to irritate me?" Jake walks away as you lead him to the books.
  2. You show him the books. "What are you planning Jake?" Cole asks with his arms crossed. You could see that he did so that his hands didn't tremble. "If this other parallel world is similar to our own but with a couple differences....they can travel here......and open portals to each other at the right time.....then we can get to your world Cayaha..." Jake says flipping through the books. "Glasses...." he asks holding up his hands. Cole hands the pair of big glasses to him. You notice that they start to change color. You blink and see that they wern't. "I guess I was correct....." Jake says after flipping through a couple of pages. "Correct with what?" Cole asks leaning against the wall. "We can open a portal and go through......Cayaha how do you keep these portals open?" he asks you. "You have to be really powerful to keep a portal open. I tried it once so I could get a chocolate bar.....I nearly destoryed myself...." you reply. "Chocolate bar? From where?" Jared asks. "Walmart...." you say. "So you like chocolate?" Jared asks. "I like the candy from this world," you say. "As I was you know anything about the phoenix?" Jake says.
  3. "The phoenixes are very mysterious. Even the elders don't know much about them except their rarity.....they don't usually choose one of our kind as a master. In fact someone from my world may never even see one...." you explain. "What do you know?" Jake asks. "That they choose very few people to be their masters. Very smart, solitary.....and powerful," you say. "That all I know from everyone else I met...." "Do you think that they would be able to hold the portal open enough for all of us to get through?" Jake asks. "Maybe....." you say. You see Light look between the two of you. "Well do you speak bird?" Jake asks. "Nope, only person I know who speaks bird is Michael," you say. "Maybe it knows sherades......" Jared says. Doing weird movements. The bird screeches. Making everyone including yourself to close your ears. "Is Michael being hurt...." Cole asks. The bird stops and the bird talks "Don't you ever insult us. You disgracful, idiotic-" Light yells. "Hey Light chill down. I was trying to talk to you-" Jared was saying but the bird screeched "If I were in my true form I'd be able to rip you in half. But right know I can probably slice your throat-" Light was yelling until Cole says "Please stop.....don't talk about blood...." he says looking sick. Light ruffled her feathers.
  4. "Light, can you hold open a portal for us to go through?" Jake asks calmly with respect. "Yes I can. It'll wear me down on my power but it's nothing that wont kill me....." Light says gratful. "Alright, is there a way to stop Chaos from whatever she's doing?" Jake asks. The bird tilts her head, "I myself don't know's been a while...." she whispers the last part. "Do you know where she is?" Cole asks. "Yes I do. I was with Michael when we got captured remember?" Light says. " the plan is-" you were saying but Light interrupts, "Plans wont work with Chaos.....she's too unpredictable. Either she knows your plan or not she'll make so that it wont work...." Light states cautiously. "So what do we do charge in guns blazing?" Jared asks. "Yes.....but no guns. Those weak items will never work." Light says. "Magic......thats what we have to use," you say.
  5. "That leaves three of us useless....." Cole says. "Actually four," Light says. "She's right. Very few people have powers even in my world. At least powerful ones...." you say. "Whats your power?" Jared asks. "I heal things......I remember cause I use to heal my victims and torture them again..." you admit. " you guys use swords to fight or something?" Jared jokes. "Yes...." you say. "What? What type of place is this?" Jared says with shock. "We use our supernatural powers within from our souls. Fighting comes natural to some people. So does with magic. But theres only one weapon made for only one specific person. So each piece of armor or weapon we see are tied to their users. If someone else tries to use it. They'll get nowhere in battle. Because it does not belong to them...." you say. "Do you think you can convice some of the prisoners to fight with us or something? Maybe your military!" Cole says snapping his fingers. "Captured already......besides people who how powers such as these are either with Chaos or the Union Corps. Our world's military. Which Chaos already has....." you explain.
  6. "Okay so Light can you open a portal when we are ready?" Jake asks. The bird sings a melody in reply. "I think that means yes. Everyone grab what will be useful to us. Guns, swords, knives, food, water, first aid and other important stuff. And these books. See you back in Cali's room in an hour," Jake says. "An hour?" Jared asks. "Go...." Jake says. "I'll explain things to Maddison. Okay?" Cole says. "You do that....." Jake replies. Everyone leaves except for you, Jake and Light. "Are you sure about this?" you ask. "Yeah, besides we are a mini family. Including you," he says. "Get ready...." he leaves. You nod. You sit on your bed and lay down. "Your going to fail traitor...." the voices say in your head. You think about the whole idea. It was crazy and impossible to survive. But maybe these people can pull it off. Just maybe. In a small chance but thats what they have to hope for. You whisper to yourself "people of this world are idiots....thinking that they could stop Chao......" You fall asleep after a couple of minutes.
  7. You see yourself in a strange mansion. The floors, walls and ceils were a icy, frozen blue. There were no pictures on the wall. It was gigantic. But not a single soul on sight. There were no designs except for pillars. You walk down the hallway and see something that looked similar to a throne room. It was circular and had one chair. A black aura swirls around the tall comfort chair. Icy stones lead to it. You see a figure at the bottom which made your heart sink and break. He had a white general jacket with blue lining. It was blue on the inside and the bottom of the folded sleeves were a light blue. He had black pants with pouches at the sides. A black tie was loose on his pale bleeding neck. You see a white conductor's hat layed across the floor from the man. It had some spots of blood on it. Two twin swords were in his hands. He layed on his side and you recgonized him. It was Michael. A cut was on his left cheek. He was on his side so a bit on his right side was like a stream of blood. Splattered blood was on his clothes. He was breathing heavily. He weakly opens his eyes. His white eyes hold back a scream of pain. He gets up slowly and painfully. He flinches when he tried to walk. He touched his ribs bitting his lip. "Poor little mr. General...." says a voice in a chuckle.
  8. "Chaos....." he growls. A black fog appears besides you. It was a young girl with a black strapless dress. Black crow freathers were used for her skirt and she had ballerina shoes with a ribbion wrapped around her left ankle. Her hair was long to her lower back. She was ghostly pale with pure black hair. Her eyes were gold. Her smooth black hair was tied into a poney tail by a white butterfly. She didn't notice you. She smirks. "What happened? Michael couldn't handle fighting his own alllies?" she coons. She walks to him with grace in every single move she does. Michael picks up his swords and points them at her. She stops and says "Don't hurt me please....I mean you don't want to get hurt more...." She smiles cruely. Snapping her fingers. Michael is thrown across the room to the wall. He falls. She appears beside him. "Common just give in. In the end I'll win...." she touches his cheek. Michael looks like he wants to punch her but he doesn't have the strength to do it. "Sweetie, don't be like that....." the girl jokes. "I rather......" Michael whispers. "Rather what?" the girl asks with exagerated curiosity. "I would rather have my soul tortured for enternity then give up!" Michael snaps. Her smile fades and she rises her hand. He floats in the air. As if he was standing two feet above her. "For who? Cayaha? She left you to rot. Shes the one who gutted you and killed you how many times. Then healed you so you can get more pain. She's nothing but a traitor and a cheater on her boyfriend. She isn't going to come for you. I know she wont...." the girl says. "Someone will find out about you.....and Cayaha will never-" Michael croaks then screams when the girl boils her hands into fist. "Would you want cracked ribs or a punctured lung?" the girl asks. "Your choice. Whatever I choose you'll asume I can take it..." Michael says. "Fine I'll do both......" the girl twists her hands. After a couple minutes she lets him falls. She sighs and then he's fully healed. "Your really stubborn arn't you?" she kneels next to him. "Useless...." she spits. "If I'm so useless then why are you keeping me alive?" Michael says. The girl's face hardens and she slaps him with a knife in her pocket. "Because I like to hear more screams from you...." she says picking yup his chin. "Try me...." Michael challenges. She slaps him then starts to kick him. "Shut your mouth!" she yells.
  9. You wake up when you feel someone shaking you. "Cali, it's time..." you hear Jake. You open your eyes and see everyone ready. With pocket knives and guns. "How do you get the guns?" you ask. "Don't ask...." Maddison says. Cole looks at you with a harden face. Then a sad one. You sit up and put the books in a bag. You swing it on your side and nod your head. "Light can you take us where Chaos is?" Cole asks. The bird nods in reply. Her crystal blue eyes glow and her feathers seem to grow. She sings a beautiful song. It gave you courage. A vortex of white appears in front of you. You look through it and see your world. But it was the snowy mansion on the outside. It then shifted to where you saw the girl and Michael in your dream. "There...." you say. "Whats that?" Cole asks. "Where Chaos far...." you say. "Well lets go..." Jared says jumping through. "Havn't you heard ladies first? Actually I don't wanna go by that rule..." Maddison says. She then goes through. "See you on the other side!" He walks casually through it. Your left alone with Cole. "Are you sure?" you ask. He looks down. Unable to make eye contact. "Yeah......" he takes a deep breath. "Can I trust you?" he asks looking at you in the eyes.
  10. "I'm not the same as before....I know I'm not....because if I was I would have killed you the second I got my memories back. Actually gut you alive but I didn't. I trusted you and now its time for you to do the same..." you say holding your hand to him. " stop Chaos....." he says taking it. "To fix the past...." you say. He nods and says "And to save the future!" You two run through the portal and see nothing but white.

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