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Hey there! So, I just made this quiz to see how many people want a new story quiz, I also wanted to see your ideas of what YOU want in the new story quiz so I can reach a wider variety of readers.

I have been thinking of this for a long time, and I have a ton of ideas written down, and I really hope a bunch of people will read this and be really stoked for a new quiz, because I'm really nervous.

Created by: mrtokolover14

  1. Hey, I'm mrtokolover14 and I'm here to ask YOU if you would like a new story quiz in the near future.
  2. So, I am a fairly good writer if I do say so myself and I really feel like more writers should be on GTQ with stories, because it seems like a lot of people are leaving and makes me sad to see that people seem discouraged, or , frustrated that this site is not what it used to be.
  3. I've been reading some 'rants' I guess you could say, some farewell quizzes, and had the idea "what if I start my own quiz?!" I don't know, It's just and idea, what do you think.
  4. "What may it be about?" I hear? Well, that's the thing, I have tons of ideas, but I want to hear yours! As in, what kind of genre do you want it to be, should there be magic? Gangsters? Should it be romantic? Will there be Barack Obama? Boys? Girls? Girrafes? You see, I want to incorporate your ideas to mine!
  5. So, just in case you're confused about this, I want to take your opinions and/or ideas into account and try my best to add them into one of my many storylines I've already created, because I don't want to write a story based just on other people's ideas because that's not very original.(I hope you get that :D)
  6. Anyway, hopefully you will comment, and spread the word about this quiz so others can come back here and read this.
  7. So,since I have 4 more questions left I'll just tell you about myself I guess...
  8. My favorite band is Panic!At the Disco (if you couldn't already guess) I paint fan art (I recently painted my vision of 'Alex' from Dannica's trilogy.
  9. Okay, that was short, but can you please rate and comment about what you would like me to have in my new Story quiz, I'll comment the title if enough people comment!
  10. Well, I guess it's time for me to head off,thanks for reading,I read each and every comment I can and will take any feedback, so, what do you like on your story quizzes (is that what you call them now?Yeah,I'm pretty sure)
  11. Another note, I totally forget what I wrote as the results so... bare with me.

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