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  • sdlhjg YES! I would LOVE a new story quiz (even if there have been some promising-looking ones recently, the more, the merrier in my mind - oh gosh. That sounds bad ^.^' ) In my opinion, also, I think you would be an awesome person to create an enjoyable story quiz, but I mean, I'm not biased or anything after seeing Hikaru and Kaoru up there *squee* x3 and certainly not either over the fact that you painted ALEX *omigumbo* is there any chance that's on deviantArt, Photobucket, Imgur, etc.? I'd like to see it. In all seriousness, though, you seem like a really cool person ^.^ I love when I can enjoy taking an announcement quiz of all things XD

    Asking me what I like about story quizzes is like asking me what I like on my ice cream sundae. I have a huge range that I like, from serious mystery to fluffy romances. My favorite stories are ones with well-rounded characters that can make me overreact XD As long as the writer pulls it off in an original way, I'm still hopelessly addicted to the romance + magic/supernatural formula, like the old classics I came to first love here on GTQ. Deconstructing it further, I like variety. Something that has elements of action, drama, suspense, mystery, yet light-hearted, funny, and touching. It sounds like a lot to ask for I guess, but really, I read nearly everything x) I do prefer fantasy, but it's not necessary for me to read something

    As a side note, I love it when the writer adds a little flair or personal touches to the story, either through little "inside jokes" within the story, in the answer choices, or in the results. For example, Dannica and her adorable animal sidekicks, xX3mo_Ang3lXx and her jelly beans + pandas, Cometlight and Jayden with his chili fries, Hogwartslove and Neville face cereal

    I'm really looking forward to seeing what you come up with! ^^

  • Thanks for the comments, I'll try to take everything you guys said into account, I don't have a deviantART but maybe I should, I don't know, I just had a big idea last night and was writing it down during school all day and trying to work it out, so I'll be making a new quiz soon!

  • Yeah, please write a story! I love stories and it makes me sad too to see so many talented authors leaving. If you do decide on writing one, I can't wait to read it! Just no Obama please. (I'll end up ranting in the comments XD) Haha well I'm sure whatever you choose it'll be a great story!

  • If you know warriorcats, then peasedo a warriorcats love story or become a warrior story!!! If you don't know aboutWarriorcats then it is just like wolves stories. XD

  • oh well if are writing a stary quiz.. pls dont leave it in btween.. it hurts!! u could make a drama.. bcuz seriuosly there's too much supernatural on gtq! :3 best of luck :)


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