What power suits you?

Before we start I would like to ask you about my new idea. I was thinking of writing a bit of my story at the start of everyone of my quizzes in the second paragraph. Tell me your ideas in the comments. Thanks :)

This quiz will show you what power you have. Sorry it doesn't have all the powers, all these powers are based on the characters out of my story. And please don't take the answers to seriously have fun!

Created by: Raptor Gal
  1. Please read the top. :)
  2. What colour suits your personality best?
  3. What is your attack staratagy?
  4. (Continuing from previous question)
  5. What symbol best describes you?
  6. How smart are you?
  7. If you could have an another body attachment what would it be.
  8. If you where one of the creatures out of, 'Survival of Warriors' what would it be?
  9. (Continuing from previous question)
  10. RP: you are going on a mission what way do you suggest to travel.
  11. One of your teammates gets injured in battle, what do you do?
  12. Your friend died in battle what do you do?
  13. Your feeling stressed where do you go?
  14. There is a wall in your way what do you do?
  15. If a tree falls and no one hears it does it still make a sound.

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Quiz topic: What power suits me?