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  • name: Mizuko Tsukiko ( moonie for short ) ( Mizuko is her secon name)]

    age: 19
    species: siren/water lethian

    powers:siren charm , fire and water she can drain the water from someones body either with a kiss or with a touch , she can shape her kattana into anything

    weapn : a silver kattana which can change shape

    looks: brown hair with amber streacks electric blue light brown skin

    wears: a dark blue ninja suit

    role: like the chesire cat its not quite clear she wont randomnly attack she is a trickster and a wil mess with the reader but guide

    personality: trickster wise , mysterious

    other: if its possible could she have a secret that makes her more main

    Puppet master12
  • Puppet wins. It'll be up today.

  • Just make up a character or what?

    Marceline 101
  • Adagio Dazzle, Sonata Dusk, Aria Blaze.

  • Marcy, yes

    Puppeet: no powers, or weapons will be included.

  • oh ok then forget thoose

    Puppet master12

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