sad,romantic love story part 3

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Soo this is part 3 of sad, romantic love story and know that I think about I think this is a horrible title. lol.and I included the part 3 this time yay didn't forget like last time.

soo are you exicted for this. story I hope so cause part 4 is coming the grand finale. the last part in this story. soo read this story now for more drama.

Created by: lindseyt

  1. KEVIN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!!??!iii knew what you where planning and I had to stop did you know where I live. Ayssa told me she told me everything.WHAT. apparently I came right in time kevin says no you didn't im going to commit suicide even if your here Abigail says.
  2. WHAT?!? YOU CANT DO THAT. watch me Abigail says. she takes the knife and is about to end her life when Kevin STOP I have to tel you something. what Abigail asks
  3. Abigail be fore you kill yourself I theres something you should know. I love you Abigail. you do. yes ive always had.
  4. why didn't you tell me before Abigail asks. cause all you wanted to do was to be around Andrew.
  5. I don't anymore Abigail thought to her self,before she could say so. Andrew burst into the room. its time you all die he said.
  6. THE END
  7. next is part 4
  8. ummm I don't know what im still doing here.
  9. soo im just going to leave
  10. Byyyeeeeeeeeeeee

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