Russell Brand is a genius. Where did that genius come from? He has been through a lot and come out smiling, and in case you didn't notice, his smile is extremely contagious. I dare you not to find yourself totally smiling when this man smiles or giggles. Dare you.

Do you have what it takes to be a Russellholic? Are you a Brandian? Can you cut it in the forum? Let's just see after you take this quiz, if you have the basics of Russell down pat.

Created by: Nan

  1. What is Russell's birthdate?
  2. Where was Russell born?
  3. Russell has what kind of animal and it's name is...?
  4. Why did he pick that particular name?
  5. How many siblings does Russell have?
  6. Who do we think Russell's best friend is?
  7. How many tv shows has Russell been on?
  8. Where did Russell shoot his last movie "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"?
  9. Which does Russell prefer, making movies or doing stand up?
  10. How many dvd's does Russell have out right now?
  11. In "My Booky Wook", where is Russell when the book begins?

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