Do you know about smiles?

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Smiles. They convey an important message. Do you know about them do you know enough? can you help me on my jurney to start a chain reaction of smiles?

Take this quiz to find out. They are more conplex than you mgiht thinnk. Thye arnt makss you can stick on, htey are deep and meaningful. So smile and mean it!

Created by: kiwi

  1. Is it easier to msile, or frown?
  2. Can a smile really make you look prettier?
  3. Is it better to smile with you teeth, of just your lips?
  4. Sho8uld you smile with your eyes, face, mouth, or what?
  5. Waht can a smile do?
  6. This is just a random question to test how smart you are...
  7. is it possilbe to never smile?
  8. How do you know if a smile is genuine?
  9. Does smiling over the phone really show to the other person?
  10. How often do people fake smile?
  11. how would you make a smile genuine?
  12. will you smile more now?

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Quiz topic: Do I know about smiles?