Are you a hypochondriac?

We all know them. Hypochondraics. They're everywhere. At home, at school, at work. Lets get into your brain and find out if you are the hypochondriac, or if you can pick out the one in your circle of people.

So, are YOU a hypochondriac? How often do you get sick? Are you totally contagious? Go on to the quiz and you can find out just how contagious you are.

Created by: Marcy of myspace
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  1. Are ear infections contagious?
  2. How often you you have diaherrea?
  3. Do you have a cough?
  4. Which of the following sypmtoms do you have currently?
  5. Are you contagious?
  6. When you're sick, who usually knows about it?
  7. Where did you last eat something that gave you food poison?
  8. When do you take Tylenol?
  9. What are you allergic to?
  10. What is a hypochondriac?

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Quiz topic: Am I a hypochondriac?