How beautiful are you?

There are many people out there.. some considered ugly, some not. Take this quiz to find out! ^_^ Trust me, it's not like those other quizzes! ~Wolfy

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for facepalm overloads, or smiling overloads. If you suffer from any of the following after this quiz: - Smiling - Laughing - Self-confidence - Outstanding happiness It is advised that you keep it up. ~Wolfy

Created by: Wolfy

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Hi there! What are the color of your eyes? :3
  2. What's the color of your skin? ^^
  3. What's the color of your hair?
  4. How "fat" are you to YOUR standards?
  5. What do you normally wear?
  6. How "popular" are you? (aka how many friends do you have?)
  7. If a "geek" / "nerd" asked you out.. Just kidding, I'm not basing beauty on that ^_^ The rest of these don't count so...
  8. ...
  9. :D
  10. What do you think you will get? (No effect .3.)
  11. Ready to see your results?

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Quiz topic: How beautiful am I?