What kind of beautiful are you?

EVERYONE is beautiful. I mean it... EVERYONE. Not everyone may notice it. It may be your courage or honesty, hard working or loving heart, but no matter what you should all know what is beautiful about you-and make sure it shines bright above all else :)

What type of beautiful are YOU? Everyone is beautiful but you're here to find out about you! There is no wrong answer, everyone is beautiful in there own way-and if there's not an answer that suites you, SKIP IT!

Created by: Juliet
  1. Which do other people say you are the most?
  2. What do you think of yourself most?
  3. Which would you rather do?
  4. Which would you give up something important to you for?
  5. In three words, how would you describe your friends?
  6. What do/would you post on instagram?
  7. What is your no. 1 so true quote?
  8. What do guys normally notice in you?
  9. Favourite Sport?
  10. Your homework consists of...
  11. HERE YOUR ANSWER! Remember, no matter what - YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

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Quiz topic: What kind of beautiful am I?