Rivals (part 3)

after that terrible tragity angle is dertermend to prove her dogs innocents by searching for clues to prove its not him but things can change after meeting up with alice again. the case of max's death blamed on buster an innocent pup how will angle be able to get out of this one

thank you for reading Rivals episode 3 sorry for spelling errors or missing punkuashion im not very good at this and also episode 4 coming soon so keep your eyes out

Created by: moonwatcher
  1. the lights flashed black and yellow there were footsteps and beeping. "shhhhh shes wakeing up" said a strange voice. angles vision was slowly coming back but everything was still a bit of a blur. two people looked over at angle they both had light blue masks covering there mouth then the rest of the details falled in
  2. "where am i, who are you, how did i get here, where is max or buster and what happend" angle asked."hmmmm well some guy named caleb called the hospital reporting he saw a dangerous golden retriever push down some other guy named max of the waterfall and you too" said nurse 1. "then we came and found your body washed along the shore and rushed you to the hospital well we had some others stay back and look for max"said nurse 2
  3. "but so far we have not found a body but with a fall like that we are claiming him dead" said nurse 2. angle frooze for a moment in shock. " wha-wha-what about buster?"asked angle. "well the dog is going to get you know"said nurse 2. she stuck out her index finger and draged it infrount of her neck tilting her head and closeing her eyes a bit.
  4. " liston if you dare lay a needle on my dog i will get you back but this time the needle is going for your throat!" angle raised her voice. "errrr i new we should of let you die" said nurse 2. then angle hoped out of bed and made a run for it. there were 3 path's to take 1 window and an old man in the hospital hallway.
  5. angle took a path and she saw a clipboard hanging on the wall she picked it up and it had a list of the people in the hospitals name and room also it was in alphabetical order but in the A's angle saw alices name in room 202 which was on this floor angle ran looking for room 202 when she came to it then she opend the door and alice was laying in bed with a big cast on her foot. alice moved her head enough to see angle. "did that just happen"said angle
  6. "heh alice funny seeing you here anyways i just needed to hide bye"alice said twisting the door nob. "your on a chase heh me likey im in!"wisper shouted alice. she picked up her crutchs. "are you sure you can keep up i was just planing to jump out a window we are only on the second floor" angle explained. "well im a reble and we dont just do things the easy way we do it the fun way. alice and angle left the room and headed to the elevator and clicked the 1st floor button. elervator music started playing
  7. when they reached the bottom floor angle and alice simply just walked out the building. "so thats the reble life aye alice" angle gave alice a little shove. "yep"alice giggled. then they passed by the school they already had pictures or max all over the place saying that he will be rememberd and blah blah blah. "wow still cant belive that it happend"alice sighed. "wait how did you now about that?!"angle said suspechous. "darling a have a tv in my room and that inncendent was booming on the news"alice explained. "anyways i should get going"alice said
  8. angle walked by the woods and picked up a lily from a small bush she continued to walk in the woods. angle whent to go stop at the waterfall to examen the incendent. when she arrived there were many clues to look at
  9. angle headed to the blood on the ground they were shaped in dog foot prints."those must be busters i hope he is ok"angle said. she headed for the riped piece of cloth it was actualy a part of calebs purple shirt. the angle headed to the note she began to read, ~ write a fake note then lure bete to area and~ the rest of the letter was socked in water. "this must be calebs" said angle. she heard a strange sound coming from down the path to the waterfall but angle worried about taking the risk it was getting dark out
  10. angle continued walking down the path till she reached the bottom of the waterfall she carefully placed her lily in the water and watched it drift of. then angle heard some more sounds. "WHO IS THERE!"angle shouted. just then someone came grabing angle by the mouth and she was draged into the waterfall. "shhh they could be watching"said a strang voice. angle turned around and saw max carefully look out of the waterfall. "max but how we saw you fall how could you still be alive after al-"."SHHHHH"max shushed

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