Are you an Angle, Devil or Reaper

So this quiz is about how you act and what you are Angle Reaper Devil im not good with this kinda thing but make sure to answer HONESTLY This is the first test ive ever made Hope you injoyed

Are you a Angle Are you a devil Are you A REAPER? Do you have the Kind heart to be an angel Do you have the hatred to be a demon Do you have the soulless heart to be a reaper FIND OUT

Created by: Susanna
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. ALRIGHT!!! Lets get started good ;D You see a child crossing the road and a cars coming what do you do!? ;D yeaaah HA
  2. Alright Sorry but i need a better range of YOUR age sorry if this is creepy
  3. Im bored so FATE lucky number 3
  4. What do you prefer ((Troll Question))
  5. Do you hate my quiz ;-;
  6. Do you like life?
  7. Ive got all i need so lets get to know each other better ;D ((You may lie)) ((This hass no effect on what type you are )) ((None of the following does))
  8. Im bored are you?
  9. ...
  10. Uh....
  11. Undertale cannot fix this akwardness

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Quiz topic: Am I an Angle, Devil or Reaper