are you a devil or an angel?come in sweety

there are so many devils and angles...but some of them are special,if you wanna find out you are too,just come here,be our new guest,pop the questions,and get your answer

are you a devil or an angle?you might ask it from your self or your friend sometime,just come here and you will get the answer in few easy is that?

Created by: mehrsa
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  1. hi,welcome to my quiz..lets see what you can do. are you a mean person?
  2. ok sweety #2...your bf or gf cheat on you, and she just buy a new car,what you gonna do?hahaha hard question
  3. #3..ok honey,have you ever say mean and awful things behind someone?
  4. #4.....ok you will kill me but what is your fave color? i like blue,light blue.
  5. ok sweety its next question,your phone is broken and you are mad you will find a phone on the ground what will you do?
  6. so you are so close to your results,you reALLY WANNA go to a party but your promise your friend tohang out i the mall,what will you do?
  7. you need a new phone...but your parents cant afford it,what will you do?
  8. the speed limit is fast will you go?
  9. you are sleep and the neighbor wake you up with loud noises,answer honestly
  10. you have a crush,after 1 week you will find out your bff have a relation ship with your funny

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Quiz topic: Am I a devil or an angel?come in sweety