Rivals (part 1)

First day of school for alice and angle but getting cought up in a bad relationship will just make things worse with the up coming race will this be a chance for your rivals to strik or will you strike first

Rivals part one: sorry for spelling mistakes if you do see some and sorry that the story is short but at least it has long questins and i made sure not to like put random letters in them like (sdbwls) if you know what i mean part 2 is coming soon and i have realized i spelt ANGEL name wrong i spleat it like ANGLE

Created by: moonwatcher
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  1. *BEEP BEEP BEEP!* angel slamed her hand on the snooze button on her alarm clock and whent back to sleep. "ANGLE WAKE UP,FIRST DAY BACK TO SCHOOL!" "alice who let you in the house?"said angel. "your mom did, now come on we cant be late for the first day of school" replied alice over excited. "ok,ok il get dressed as soon as you leave my room" angel pointed to the door. "on it" alice said as she rushed to the door. "ok now what to wear for the first day of school" angel told herself.
  2. angel got dressed and picked up her backpack. alice knocked on the door then just came in. " whoa i love your outfit" alice said with a grin. "thank's now why dont you be some use and grab my pack of pencils" asked angel. alice whent over to the table and picked up a pack of rainbow colored pencils. " ya know we are missing just one more thing" alice smirked. "oh ya and what is that" asked angel. " your hair!" alice sqeeked. " you have got to be kidding me we dont have any time" angel said annoyed. alice looked at the clock. "we have a little time" she argued. alice grabed angels hand and pulled her into a chair. "now tell me what style you want" alice smiled.
  3. for about 10 minutes alice just fooled around with angels hair untill she finished. "all done now there is no way you wont get any antenshion when you arrive of that bus" alice said confidently. angel scollded her eyes. "yeah right" she replied with sarcasm. *HONK HONK* alice raced to the window. " HEY our bus is here ,cmon we got to go. both girls raced down the stairs. on the way angel petted her golden retriever "buster" before slaming the door shut. on the bus every seat was taken but the 2 seats but only ONE spot was avalible on each. "oh just great" angel rolled her eye's. " hey look on the bright side at least we will be one of the first ones to see the school.
  4. angel took her seat and alice sat on the other one. in the destence angel could see the bus coming up to the school. tge name of angels school is Ever Green Public School. dont know why there were just a lot of ever green trees in the area. it had been 3 months since angel had layed foot on that dark green grass. the bus had stoped but becky the bus driver stood up. "alright everyone before you get of this bus we have a few rules to descuse. after 15 minutes we came to the last rule. "rule 36 today we have the anuale race thing so be prepared. "oh no not on the first day of school"angel wisperd to alice. " i know and this time we dont have tyler" alice replied
  5. angel and alice got of the bus but as they walked alice stopped angel. "hold on a minute"she said. alice pulled out her phone and took a picture of her and angel. alice's golden blond hair reflected against the suns rays and was so bright along with her emrald green eye's but angels hair was just a light brown with blond highlights and sky blue eye's. in the caption below alice typed in " #first day of school ;D" . just as she lowerd her phone 2 fermilor faces apperd.
  6. "well,well,well if it isint the LOSER PATROL"said caleb. caleb had short brown hair with light brown eyes. " the fail squad is here" said monicka. she had long black straight hair that whent down to her waist and dark brown eyes she wore a lot of make-up. "so where's your little leader gone to" angel replied with sas. " ya monICKa" alice giggled. " i thought you would of changed schools after we kicked your butts 2 years in a row at raceing. just then a guy with light blond hair and ocean blue eye's started jogging over. " CALEB,MONICKA come on we have lots of work to do for this race" he yelled. "coming max" replied caleb grumpaly.
  7. *DING DING DING* "come angel its time for class" said alice. both girls walked inside the school on each door was a list of people in the class. angel and alice searched around untill they found there names. they both enterd there classroom and took a seat beside each other. "hello class my name is Mr.Ivey and wellcome to 7th grade"said the teacher. "that's a girls name" alice giggled. just then monicka, caleb and max walked in the classroom. max: we are ready for the race. "oh crap what are they doing here"wisperd alice. angel looked at todays scedual and it said "First block: Race!
  8. everyone whent outside and a person wearing black and white had a clipboard and a wisle. "ok everyone today we will start of by haveing max's team vs angel's team. first up is caleb and angel also max since the teams are unfair you will be a bit more of a judge is that ok" said the guy with a clipboard. "oh umm totally". caleb and angel lined up on the starting line. "prepare to die" said caleb agresivly". "On your marks get set GO! caleb and angle started raceing.
  9. just by a bit angle had won the race. "ok that is one point angle and one point max they get a point from winning last year". "next up is monicka and alice" max shouted. caleb wisperd in monickas ear and she shock ner head up and down. alice and monicka lined up and started raceing. alice was only a bit ahead of monicka but they were also close to the finish. just then monicka picked up a sharp stone and threw it infrount of alice. she triped over the stone and cut her leg open deep as she watched monicka win the race. "oh crap!"max shouted. "ALICE!" angle screamed. she ran over to her and so did max as he dieled the hospital
  10. "I CANT BELIVE YOU LET YOUR FRIEND DO THAT MAX!" angle screamed. " I HAD NO CONTROL OVER THEM I DID NOT KNOW THEY WERE GOING TO TRY SOMETHING STUPID LIKE THIS" max shouted back. sierense were screaming in the back yard. "YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DESERVE THIS!" angle shouted
  11. angle took a step closer to max and slaped him in the face then stormed of crying. the parametics came and put alice in the ambulance then drove away. max felt his cheek where angle had slaped him and smiled. "wow nobody has ever done that to me". he looked back at angle then frowned. "i do feel bad tho"

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