Rivals (part 2)

Day 1. first day of school make friends and have fun! well that is a NO for angle after her friend goes to the hostipal from ingeries angle recives a strange letter "meet up at the waterfall" is this a prank or for real

hello and thank you for reading this quiz sorry for spelling errors or short paragraphs i was in a rush. please if you can comment rate or share thank you

Created by: moonwatcher
  1. angel felt so bad about the day at school that she had walked home thinking about alice, caleb, monicka and max. angel had a little secret area where she would go to if she ever felt bad she decided to stop by there. the calming place was a little waterfall it was still big enough that the fall could kill an animal. after a while angel whent back home. "how was your first day at school sweetie?" asked her mother. "good"replied angle. "what did you do" she asked. "nothing" angel rushed up the stairs. "ok what should i do now"
  2. after angle finished what she was doing she saw a note fly into the room and land on the table. angel whent over to the letter, unfolded it and began to read. ~Dear:angle, i am so sorry about your friend and i was wondering if maybe we could meet up by the waterfall and descuse somethings, Signed: Max~.
  3. there was nothing else for angle to do so she decided to leave but her mom would never aloue it. angle grabed the dogs leash and attached it to his color. "MOM IM TAKEN THE DOG FOR A WALK"angle yelled. "ok sweetie just be back an a hour from now which is at 8pm. angle shut the door behind her and left for the waterfall
  4. when angle and buster reached the waterfall nobody was there. "oh you came how cute" said caleb. "CALEB what are you doing here i am soposed to meet max here" angle shouted. "you have heard of wrighting a fake letter before or are you to stupid plus max only wrights in cursive that stuck up dirty rich slob!" caleb yelled. "i thought you were friends?"angle asked. "i only hung around him for the popularity and money.
  5. "well now that you know that i cant let you go be telling everyone"caleb said with a smirk. he rolled his hands into fists. then buster leaped at caleb and bit him. "YOU FRECKIN STUPID DOG JUST BIT ME"caleb shouted. he punched the dog hard in the nose then screamed "MONICKA"
  6. monicka came out from a tree and started to tackle buster. "ha there is no way you can beat the two of-"aiden paused. max leaped out of a bush and got into a fist fight with caleb. monicka threw the dog over the water fall but his leash got stuck on a rock dangling him from his doom."QUICK SAVE YOUR DOG I GOT CALEB"max shouted. "og you got me max, but now you have to deal with me"caleb replied.
  7. angle ran for buster. "oh no you dont"said monicka. she kicked angle in the stomach pushing her back. angle picked up a large stick and threw it at monicka she tumbled down a hill. then angle grabbed buster's leash and pulled him up.
  8. angle was succsesfully able to pull up buster "oh im so glad your safe buddy" angle said with relife. she scrathed busters head. "ahhhhh" max screamed. caleb punched him so hard he tumbled back and fell of the edge of the waterfall. angle stood there froozen in fear then caleb came and kicked her with his foot down the waterfall too. buster jumped up at caleb again and they fell out of sight but angle herd caleb saying "ive been waiting to do this since i saw you". buster painfully screeched
  9. angle continued to fall down the waterfall with max out of sight then angle hit her head on a sharp rock and the world blacked out
  10. CLIFT HANNGER! ~i hope you enjoyed part 2 of Rivals please comment rate or share.

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