two lives (part one)

Ok you are a fairy and you have you go to a human school to test if fairies are safe to go to human school. You can either be a wildfire(solina or crystal) , Animal and light(sparrow and riley), or waterfall fairy (iridecence and jolie).

you meet the school and seem to be liking it but there's one thing. The girl who thinks she rules the school i promise that next part there will be more fun because you go experience the fairy world named May (full name of world in result)

Created by: Janeeo123

  1. Your a fairy and you are going to human school to see if it's safe for normal fairies. many other fairies are doing this too (all info at end btw the wildfire fairy is daring and all outgoing. Animal and light are bubbly and athletic waterfall is original and funny) waterfall is asian wildfire is irish or french animal and light is american/ others
  2. first 2 personality questions: when you hear of a new place/food what do you do?
  3. ONE MORE PERSONALITY QUESTION! what clothes do you wear
  4. so what do you do when your water and light friend step in your new human school?
  5. you go to your first class: history! you go to your teacher and..
  6. sorry i didn't but all the answers the other 2 answers were:
  7. you look around and see all the kids you see the slackers and note passers at the back (3rd row escaping the learning time. The smart cookies and charmers/ popular at the front and 2nd row is the people that sometimes pay attention sometimes don't. Typical
  8. you talk to your fairy friends (jennifer and Charles) at lunch and then a boy no three no FOUR boys let her cut at the lunch line then she gets to you
  9. she looks at you and says "New girl i know you're new here so lets get this over quick" "'I'm Alexie and i rule the school so.. let me cut in front so i get the chocolate muffin with Clarie and bella here"
  10. "um i don't thinks so my friends and i are ALWAYS first so beat it PEASENT"
  11. after lunch she spills orange juice on you she spills on your new shoes which are leather so they wash off. she later slips on the orange juice so she kicks the juice puddle on her skirt her minions get her napkins
  12. if i get less than 7 or 8 comments i wont do more

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