Revenge- Part 6

Dani: blond-brownish hair, blueish-greenish eyes, tan, risk-taker, bright and happy, has issues on some stuff because of her past, smart, tough, sweet and caring. Savannah: light brown hair, green eyes, tan, dare-devil, bright, smart, caring, sweet, doesn't like to live in the past, tough. Hanna: bright blond hair, brown eyes, pale, bright, smart, caring for other people, loud. Kyla: orange-reddish hair, greenish-blueish eyes, pale with freckles, quiet, not afraid to give her opinion, smart, caring. Blue: brown hair, blue eyes, chocolate skin, smart, easy-going, unbiological twin to Winter, dependable. Winter: brown hair, brown eyes, dark skin, smart, sweet, unbiological twin to Blue, optimistic. Lucy: dark brown/blackish hair, brown eyes, pale, smart, funny, sarcastic, fun to be around.

Tammy: brown hair with pink or blue highlights, green eyes, tan, smart, sweet and caring, bright, brave. Paige: brownish-reddish hair, chocolate eyes, pale, really smart, likes to play by the rules, stubborn, serious. Spencer: brown hair, brown eyes, a little over pale skin tone, smart, confident, a tiny bit snobby, go-getter. Skye: light brown with blond highlights, blue eyes, tan, bright, not afraid of a challenge, smart, loud. Britney: brown hair, hazel eyes, tan, book smart but street dumb, bright, not too quiet but not loud, sweet.

Created by: Miss Direction
  1. The past week has been really fun! We were in the pool almost everyday and their game room is amazing! The food here is phenomenal! We all like it here, even Paige. Lucy seems to give the guys a chance. The guys even learned some signs. Things here are going well.
  2. They had asked us to come to the living room because they needed to talk to us. We got there and sat down. "This week has been much fun," Connor starts. "But that's about to change," Amir says. "In order to help us, like you promised, we have to...prepare you guys for what's about to come," Gavin says. "Most of you haven't gotten your full powers yet. And you haven't learned how to control them," Hayden says. "What we are going against is not what you expect," Landon says. "it's worse," "It's dangerous," Amir and Gavin add in. "And that is why we have to train you," Connor says. "Our cousins are coming to help us train you because there is more of you than us," Hayden says. "Wait. You said that you need to train us and your cousins are coming to help?" Tammy says and signs. "Yeah," Lucy says. "How did she know that?" Landon asks. "She can read lips but only if you're close to her and if you're looking at her and talking slowly," I say. "Oh great," Connor says. "The guys are...they like to have fun. They can get a little out o control," Landon warns us. All of a sudden, the door bursts open and a random guy jumps from the floor above us. "And that would be them," Landon says. "Hey cous! Miss us?" One of them says.
  3. Him and Landon could be identical twins if they had the same hair. Even their personalities are the same. "Wow. They are a bit...different." Tammy signs to us. "Yeah. They are like hyperactive minions," Lucy signs. We laugh because she meant minions from the movie Despicable Me. They look over at us curiously but we just kept laughing. "Well who are them?" Another one says. "I'm Hanna," shes says and signs. "Blue," she does the same. "Winter" "Kyla" "Britney" "Lucy" "Dani" "Tammy" "Savannah" "Spencer" "Paige" "Skye" We all say our names and sign the sign for it. "And who are you?" Lucy says and signs. "Hyperactive minions," she signs but doesn't say. We all laugh again. "I'm Jayden, and that's Evan, Mason, Caleb, Bradley, and Lucas." He says pointing to them. (their descriptions are at the bottom). We had to translate because he wasn't looking at her or speaking slow. "So you guys know sign language?" "Sherlock Holmes here! How'd you figure it out?!" Lucy loudly says and signs sarcastically. We laugh and the guys laugh too but try to hide it. "Is one of you deaf or do you just do it for fun?" Caleb asks. Lucy signs to me, "You explain."
  4. "Tammy is," I say and sign and point to her. "She went deaf when she was 14, so she doesn't have an accent. None of us knew how to communicate with her so all of us learned ASL. She can read lips but you have to look at her and speak slowly. When Tammy was 15 and a half she got her powers; Hearing of the Deaf. Which means she can make any deaf person, including herself, hear. But only for a certain amount of hours. She uses it during classes at school. So that's basically it." I explain and sign. "Oh, I'm sorr-" Caleb starts. "Wait," Landon says. "That doesn't make sense," Evan and Landon say at the same time. "What doesn't make sense?" I ask. Spencer is translating all of this to Tammy. "How could she get her powers at 14?" "That's way too early!" They say. Tammy waves her hand so she could get our attention. "Principle Appleton said that when I became deaf at 14 my powers reacted and that's how I got them so early." "Don't believe anything that old b---- says," Lucas says and walks toward the elevator. "Where are you going?" Tammy asks. "Sub-level 1." He says.
  5. We follow him down to "Sub-level 1", whatever that is. The doors open and I look around to find the room that I ran away too and accidentally set the alarms off. Gavin goes to a door and he has to do a hand scan, eye scan, and put a password in. Finally, the door opens. I got a glimpse of the room and it seemed to be their tec lab. The guys go in and we were about to go in until, "Oh you're not allowed in," Gavin says. "Why not?!" I ask angrily. "It's...uh...complicated. But me and Hayden will stay out with you," he says. We start sitting down and Tammy signs, "Bulls---."
  6. We all sit on the floor and sign to each other, leaving Hayden and Gavin out. But we do include them in some conversations. Finally, they come out. "Tammy is suppose to get that power but your principle put it in you with a chip. That is how she got her powers so early," Lucas says. "Wait!" Tammy says and signs while getting up. "Did you just say what I think you said?!" Everybody looks at me and then to the floor. "Yeah," I sign. Her eyes fill up with tears and she runs up to the elevator. We all run after her but it is too late. "Do you know what level shes going to?!" I yell. "" Gavin says. "Floor 5!" Hanna says.
  7. We get up there and see her crying on the floor. "You guys should probably go back downstairs," I say to the guys and they left. Kyla taps on her shoulder. Tammy looks up at us. "You don't know how hard it is! I finally wasn't that weird deaf girl! And it was all fake..." she sobs. "I'm going to kill her," Tammy says.
  8. Ok so that's it for now! Part 7 will be out soon! I can't believe part 7 is next! Almost part 10!!
  9. Hope you liked it! The girls' descriptions and the guys' (the cousins) descriptions are here
  10. Part 7 will also include everybody's super powers! So stay tuned for that!
  11. Make sure you check the descriptions! Please comment and rate! Thanks! Bye
  12. Mason: dark brown hair, bright green eyes, average skin tone, muscular, prankster, fearless, loud. Evan: brown hair, the same sky blue eyes, tan, averagely muscular, bright, preppy, cocky, looks and acts like Landon, loud. Bradley: Light brown flippable hair, green eyes, tan, averagely muscular, bright but has his dark moments, a bit cocky, loud. Caleb: black hair, brown eyes, pale, muscular, smart, serious, dark and mysterious, bright, fun to train with, loud. Lucas: Blonde curly hair, brown eyes, pale, averagely muscular, really smart, mysterious, quiet. Jayden: brown hair, purple eyes, quiet, kinda the outsider of the group, isn't really open.

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