Would I Date You? {For Boys!}

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Ok, so uhm I'm making this post in hope of finding a 'date-able' person, you probably want to know some things about me... and I'm fine with that because it should help. So here's a brief description:........

I have long hair that's tons of different shades of brown, and my eyes are blue-grey. I have a small skinny build. I wear contacts and have a lot of freckles. I'm really not self-absorbed or anything, but a lot of people say I'm really pretty :/. I'm a theater nerd and also really love to read. I'm not introverted but I'm shy around new people. I do lots of sports also and I'm in lots of school clubs.

Created by: embrie
  1. What are you like?
  2. What's your eye color?
  3. What's your hair color?
  4. How old are you?
  5. What's your body type?
  6. Would you say you're a nerd?
  7. If you can be called a nerd, what type are you?
  8. Do you think anything in my description would make you not want to date me?
  9. Do you support LGBTQ+?
  10. What type of music do you listen to?
  11. Do you like the Hunger Games?
  12. Do you believe in astrology?
  13. How important is religion in your life?
  14. How many exes do you have?
  15. Are you OK with a long-distance relationship?
  16. Ok I know these questions are super unoriginal lol, but will you comment? (has an effect)

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