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Well if you think you know everything there is to know about Reglar show take my quiz to find out it's pretty easy if I do say so myself...Well...Its easy for those who watch Regular show alot! XD

If you think you got what it takes to take my quiz then do so...Test your skills and see how well you think you know regular show!This quiz is pretty easy :)

Created by: Waimarie

  1. What is Rigby's brother's name
  2. Why does Mordecai challenge Muscle Man to a Basketball match
  3. Who is Muscle Man
  4. Who is more mature
  5. On the lying episode Mordecai and Rigby lie to everyone and say that they are
  6. What is skips's real name
  7. In the episode where Benson is having crazy good luck what did Benson find in his food?
  8. What does Mordecai tease Rigby about that drives Rigby to drink Brain Max
  9. What does Muscle Man live in
  10. What does the hat that rigby goes into a coma for look like

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