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Some may "claim" to know everything to know about Regular Show. Take this quiz to prove all of those who has ever doubted you. Take this quiz or else you're fired!

Do you think you know Regular Show. I doubt it. If you want to prove me wrong, take this quiz. I won't believe you until you take this quiz. Or else you'll be as smart as Rigby

Created by: KingSharkGod
  1. What drink does Mordecai and Rigby love?
  2. What object is Benson?
  3. What is unique about Skips?
  4. What's the haircut style for Death Kwan Do
  5. What is the main transportation for Mordecai and Rigby throughout the show?
  6. Where do the main characters work at?
  7. What was Skips' name before he changed it to Skips?
  8. What game does Mordecai always beat Rigby at?
  9. Which TV star does Mordecai and Rigby help rescue from his contract
  10. After when Margret dumps Mordecai, who does he date next?
  11. What happened when Mordecai sprayed himself with Dudetime (for men)
  12. What subject did Party Horse had to pass to stop Principal Party Horse from blowing up the Earth?
  13. Where did Mordecai and C.J first meet at?
  14. Who helped Mordecai with the whole Christmas Mistletoe kiss situation
  15. What is Muscle Man's most popular catchphrase?
  16. What was the reward for completing the Eggselent challenge?
  17. What do the baby ducks like to say when fighting evil?
  18. What was benson before working at the park
  19. Who is Rigby's brother and what does he do?
  20. Why do a lot of people hate Quips?
  21. Who is Tomas? (Not the intern Thomas)
  22. Why did Rigby want to learn Death Kwan Do?
  23. What does the people at the country club turn things into?
  24. Why did Skips changed his name to Skips?
  25. What was the Hammer's weakness?
  26. What's Muscle Man's real name?
  27. Why doesn't Benson like Mordecai and Rigby?

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