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  • I got a bird, I was hoping to get a dog or cat. I don't really like birds.

    1hotdog Jul 30 '10, 11:48PM
  • i got a dog!!! i was so hoping to get a dog and i take care of them so good!!! honestly, i would if anyone was going to TRY to hurt my dog i would defend it like crazy. I know you might be thinking im weird but im really not. I just am a big nature lover and i LOVE dogs.(i just dont like the nasty things)

    shishi Jul 30 '10, 9:19PM
  • yes i got dog i love them too much'

    Mino Jul 23 '10, 1:04PM
  • OMG!!LillyPad3 and tombay9876!! I had a dog but then my mom found out she's allergic and now we have a kitten and I have a hamster!! I got a rodent for the quiz!!

    EmmyRae Jul 16 '10, 12:09PM
  • yesss i got a dog :) i love dogs... too bad most of them make me sneeze and itch....

    sugarnspice22 Jul 16 '10, 7:50AM
  • omg, tomboy9876 me too! I've been nagging my parents about a dog since I was really little, and just now my moms told me that shes allergic to them! :(

    LillyPad3 Jul 13 '10, 7:37AM
  • Oh yeah I got dog!! I'm so happy this rocked. ~~~~~~

    KitHon Jul 12 '10, 5:37PM
  • Yes! i got dog! i SO want a dog, but my moms allergic :(

    tomboy9876 Jun 29 '10, 12:27AM
  • Dog, aww, I love dogs! They're so cute! But I love cats too.

    I like music Jun 26 '10, 4:44AM
  • Birds. I have a feeling that that question that asks "what you want" determines a lot of the results.

    NitroSpeed Jun 25 '10, 6:11PM
  • I got "dog" and I have a dog that I love to play with. When she stands on all- fours, she's about 3 feet tall. When she stands on her hind legs, she's about five feet tall. She's black with white on her belly, paws, the tip of her tail, and she has a little white group of fur on the back of her neck. Her ears perk up when she wants to play or hears something. They lye down when she's trying to be cute (so, most of the time. Haha) I love my dog. I wouldn't trade her for anything. ;)

    Actress97 Jun 25 '10, 12:49PM
  • The perfect pet for a person like you is definitely a cat! So cuddle up, maybe get a string or even some mice, and make friends with you're all new furry four-legged friend!

    bigbunnyfan Jun 25 '10, 11:26AM

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