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  • Great quiz there

    chloexoxo Jun 4 '17, 8:51AM
  • Bro my names preston 2!

    blueprestonian Feb 12 '16, 3:00PM
  • 0% wow but at least i know the test is truthfull cuz that is how my life is and im depressed and no one actually knows the true me even my parents my smile is just fake but no one realises that i just feel pain

    rainbowotakugirl Feb 7 '16, 12:57PM
  • 43% happy... Yep, that's about accurate, but it could be lower.

    TheSilentMime Nov 18 '15, 8:25PM
  • 1% is just fate for me good quiz thogh

    sterben18 Nov 2 '15, 5:22PM
  • 0% :( Just wow, Im not even suprised :,(

    Cheese101 Jul 18 '15, 10:49PM
  • 5% happy... doncha think thats a little high for me?

    PUTZthecat100 Jun 22 '15, 3:15AM
  • 18%.

    GONNADIE183 May 23 '15, 2:12AM
  • I took it twice. The first time I didn't answer truthfully for some so i got a 40%, but the second time i was truthful for all of them. i got a 26%... i guess that proves that i'm depressed and do hide my real self from others... sometimes even my parents

    MissingRiddle23 Feb 24 '15, 9:15PM
  • 88% Perfect!I Love Dancing Smiles And Hugs!Those Are My 3 Favorite Things!

    Kiersten 1D Oct 28 '14, 4:19PM
  • 0%

    kbug123 Aug 4 '14, 4:05PM
  • 82%! Thats me more or less but Im more happy then that but not by much! Nice quiz!

    Minecrafter108 May 11 '14, 7:05PM
  • 49% I guess that suits me... But then again not really????

    Gummibear2000 May 7 '14, 2:50PM
  • Your Life is the happiest ever!

    100% happy
    wherever you go you're happy everyone you know is happy no one in the world that you met has ever shared a emotion 1% different the happiness you're the ULTIMATE Happy Factor

    dragon wolf Jan 9 '14, 7:35PM
  • 11% I'm only happy when I'm with friends, home is boring. Most of my friends are in the next state (my grandpa has a cabin there) It's pretty accurate for me. And I like the result, people who are happy about nearly everything annoy the heck out of me.

    0Blue Rose0 Oct 27 '13, 4:47PM
  • Your life is 7% happy!

    You have a pretty sad life, perhaps it was fate, or maybe it was choice. Either way, you need to lighten up and enjoy the beauty around you.

    XtremeAero426 Oct 12 '13, 10:23PM
  • 11% Completely matches my life.

    XtremeAero426 Sep 27 '13, 6:27PM
  • Your life is 85% happy!

    You are the happiest person around, you like people, people like you. You're favorite activities include hugs, dancing, and smiling.

    :) :) :) :) I like this dicription

    Godess101 Apr 18 '13, 9:37PM
  • 25% happy. :/

    Firey_Soul Mar 23 '13, 5:09PM
  • 27% happy

    Well, how can i be happy when im practilly pissed all the time............* sigh*
    -__- i want to cry now

    shinedown Feb 25 '13, 10:35AM
  • 81%:)

    Iloveanimals Jul 27 '12, 2:25PM
  • 50% ... :| good quiz...

    Sonic_Fan_12345 Jul 5 '12, 12:11PM

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