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    "On other notes, we ran laps today in MCJROTC. It was fun to see everyone run at their full potential. After that we got into a circle and..."
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    "What Is Your Personality Type? Your Result: Crazy 88% Your personality type is Crazy! You are seen as "
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    "What Type of Boy/Girl Do Date? Your Result: Sheepy Boy/Girl You like to stick to rules and come home at curfew. You d"
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    "What do people label you as? Your Result: Emo/goth People see you as the quiet person with the dark clothes. You woul"
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    "What does your eye colour reveal about you? Your Result: Brown eyes 100% People have brown eyes becaus"
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    "What Is Your Stereotype? Your Result: Loner 79% Your stereotype is Loner! People often wonder why you "
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  • Lalalalala
  • "X took do you know me quiz X X learns your eyes are hazel/brown/green/blue and that you have longer hair that"
    ".o. Is it bad that Jane laughed?"
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    "Good day. -.-"
  • "Moo."
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