What does your eye colour reveal about you?

A person's eyes are said to be the window to his soul. One can tell what kind of a person you are just by looking at your eyes. They are like an open book. The colour of of eyes is due to the varying amount of melanin in our iris. Yet, each eye colour has a distinct personality type associated with it.

So, do you want to know what does your eyes tell about you? Colour results are from black, brown, blue, hazel, green and gray. If your eye colour is something different, choose something which is close. Have fun!

Created by: aadee
  1. What is your eye colour?
  2. Are you a creative person?
  3. Are you an extrovert?
  4. Are you shy?
  5. Are you adventurous?
  6. Are you passionate?
  7. Are you trustworthy?
  8. Are you helpful?
  9. Are you smart?
  10. Are you competitive?

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Quiz topic: What does my eye colour reveal about you?