Love Story by PandaGirl 2

Have you done Love Story by PandaGirl? (FIRST ONE) I think you should do that first! As you know, your name is Sophie. Have fun doing the quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boys: Andre; blond hair, blue eyes Charlie; Black hair, emo kinda, brown eyes Dustin; Brown hair, green eyes NEW GUY: Volkacis: Black hair, dark brown eyes HAVE FUN ON QUIZ!

Created by: PandaGirl

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  1. The bus stops at your bus stop, and you get off. So do the Carson twins. OMG, you are still SHOCKED. But, you try to act calm, and absorb all this in.
  2. The guys follow you, and Dustin is the first to talk, "Hey, Soph!" then Andre, "Hi!" then Charlie winks at you. You say, "I just can't believe your twins!" the guys look at each other and grin. "What?" you say. Charlie smilies and says, "Something freaky.... can you keep a secret?" He looks at you. Andre and Dustin look at Charlie, obviously shocked that he was going to tell you. Charlie said to them, "What? She should know, after all...." He looks at them. "After all what?" you ask him, you are super confused. Was this what Dustin was going to tell you? Charlie just says, "Oh nothing. We'll tell you later." He sighs.
  3. Once you see your house: small, light blue, with a little tower-like thing at the top, and lots of colorful flowers in the garden, and a pretty tree in the front. Home sweet home, you think.
  4. You say goodbye to the guys, and they look so sad. Dustin says, "I'll see you at the party okay?" he winks at you. Andre says, "See ya at the party right?" He smiles at you. Charlie smiles at you and says, "Bye Sophie, I'll see you later!" when you watch them walk away, you are shocked again. THEY LIVE ACROSS THE STREET!
  5. They all wave again, do you wave back?
  6. As your walking up your driveway, you hear a door slamming, right next door. You look over. A boy with black hair and dark eyes walks out, followed by an angry father. The dad yells, "GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE, NOW!" He pushes the boy. "I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU DO! JUST GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE!" When the boy tries to get past the dad and walk into the house, the dad slaps him. The boy says, "Please?" The dad walks inside and locks the door.
  7. The boy looks at you and his cheeks go slightly red. You are slightly embarrassed for looking at him also. But you still walk over to him and ask, "Are you okay?" he looks at you with his dark eyes, and nods. You look right back at him and say, "Follow me."
  8. He shakes his head and says, "No, it's okay." you look at him, and he just looks so sad. You say, "Please come." and he follows you.
  9. You take his hand and lead him to your house. Your parents probably won't notice. You feel so bad for him, you can still see the red mark from his dad slapping him. They boy looks unsure, like he shouldn't be doing this, but he kinda wants too. You lead him into your house, and it turns out, your parents aren't even home. You lead him into the kitchen and say, "Are you hungry?" He says, "No." Then looks at you for a while and asks, "Why are you helping me?" you:
  10. He smiles, no matter what you say, steps towards you, and.....
  12. Who do you love?

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