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  • "Why do so many expel get die in a car crash? Thats What I got with a 83% chance. Does it include buses too? If so, should I stop going…"

    In response to Chewy_Frog:

    "Your Result: You will die in a car…"

  • "Whats Avatar? (Lol, I know, I am so behind on all this sort of stuff that is now, even though all my friends know/love this sort of…"

    In response to hadesman101:

    "Hello every body.

    If you like stuff to…"

  • "Does car accident also allow for the possibility of other vehicles, such as buses?"

  • "I got 21% possibility for dying of boredom."

  • "Lol. I pity you people that your life will be that boring you die of boredom."

    In response to SimlishSammy:

    "Your Result: You will die of…"

  • "Lol to all of that, especially the YAY to dying in a nuclear holocaust. But seriously, do you have to swear? I dont actually know much…"

    In response to Goldensgirl101:

    "Thank you popstar! I agree that the chain…"

  • "Wow. How accurate do you think these actually are?"

    In response to Eevee1:

    "Hi Im a 11 year old named Mackenzie and heres…"

  • "If I do die in a car accident, I probably wont notice its about to happen unless Im the one driving, as Im always reading a book or on…"

  • "I dont know how I got this much for these:
    55% You will be murdered.
    44% You will die while saving someone's life.

    I dont…"

    In response to Unique Kcat:

    "This is my result:
    How will I die?

  • "This is my result:
    How will I die?
    Your Result: You will die in a car accident. 83%

    Please, continue to buckle up, and try…"

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