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  • Jrock Trivia (Simple)
    [published: Jun 29, 2012]

    Jrock isn't as widely appreciated as I expected. I wonder if people ever look past the music and peer……

  • Which Social Group Do You Fit?
    [published: Jun 28, 2012, 30 comments]

    Sometimes people wonder where they fit in, don't expect a lot of results and don't be offended.……

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  • I can't wait...
    "We just need to wake her up then it's off to do some work. The look on her face when her mom suggested that, hilarious! Bird"
  • "Your relationship is the worst with him, that's why. Ah, teenagers. What can I do? At least he'll start listening to my bird"
  • "This is true. No one expects you to be perfect, no one expects you to be something you aren't. All I want is for you to work"
  • "You're quick to respond, huh... I don't think you're bad, you're just not the best to take on certain situations. Too much an"
  • "I can take care of everything now. It wasn't good before, it was really bad. I didn't think I'd be able to fix it. But with my bird's help, ..."
  • Huh.
    "I've always been a spiritual person and supernatural fanatic, so to find out things like that exist fascinates me. I want to know what's fac..."
  • Huh.
    "Heh. I'm sure he'll be in awe when he realizes he isn't dreaming all of this. I'm sure you two will get along well. My, you're awfully nosey..."
  • Huh.
    "He'll be out soon. Actually, I'll send him a message and if he responses, you can come with me to meet him. But like I said, he might look a..."
  • Huh.
    "I doubt that. Imagine how hard that would be on poor Nessie's belly. Maybe, if humans were alive then. Once Jay's out of class, we can ask h..."
  • Huh.
    "Seeing as it's a sea creature, and one of the largest of its time at that, Nessie would've probably been a pescatarian. She would've ate fis..."
  • Huh.
    "Of course they would think that. And I highly doubt creatures that were larger than some of our buildings would act like the common house ca..."
  • Can I just
    "Yeah, college is nice for that. But still..I like to stay in bed on cold mornings."
  • Can I just
    "Morning classes."
  • Can I just
    "I don't wanna move~ I wanna pet my baby's belly and stay close to him. Hnnn.. I'm taking a nap later."
  • Huh.
    "Well, cats obviously think we live to serve them. They seem to want us to pet them and let them cuddle up with us. A cat's attitude usually ..."

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