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  • "e"
  • "e"
  • cMeRe WoLfIe >:))
    "Dream hummed as he walked forward, checking the compass and his map every so often. ``Should be getting there soon.``"
  • w o l f i e > : )
    "``Hm? Yeah, I'm- I'm fine,`` Olive replied quickly, faking a smile. Ranboo looked over, frowning. ``You sure?`` ``Yeah- I-I'm fi"
  • "a h headache :')"
  • "i think my headaches coming back :') i'm b o r e d T^T"
  • "hru? :) y e s h now, d r e a m in a t u x"
  • MCYT RP Anyone?
    "Wilbur looked over and smiled, wrapping an arm around Athena."
  • cMeRe WoLfIe >:))
    "Dream chuckled and lifted his head, resting his forehead against Athena's."
  • Spice Rack 2
    "i'm good, was a bit mad cus i couldn't have pizza rolls but am now having ice cream. also am watching tubbo and ranboo watching a movi"
  • cMeRe WoLfIe >:))
    "``Yeah, pretty much,`` he said with a nod. ``I mean, I'm happy for you to join me and the boys, if your available.``"
  • cMeRe WoLfIe >:))
    "``True, true,`` Dream said with a chuckle, nodding."
  • MCYT RP Anyone?
    "Wilbur laughed, wrapping his arm around Athena. ``Alright, how about we agree we're all hot couples?`` ``Well, I think me and Quackity"
  • RP anybody??
    "Ashton glanced at Aiden, the two of them locking eyes for a moment. She turned red, looking back at the ocean."
  • Last Summer
    "Felix chuckled and wrapped his arms around Kai, pressing a kiss on her head."

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