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  • "gm. tired. still kinda happy. miss my friend. welp. :D"
  • Bye L'manburg
    "y e s :DDD i think it's bc of one of my friends (and crushes u^u), and like, we held hands. :DDDDDDDDD i'm v h"
  • "lmao uh, i'd pick like, maybe self-care, accessories to match an aesthetic, aesthetic themed box, art supplies, journaling, or "
  • Spice Rack 2
    "( lol late reply ) I mean, i could, but i need a character that'll match along with the song, since i'm doing Salin"
  • RP anybody??
    "Ashton glared at Aiden, walking over to him with the blanket still over her head. ``Could you not laugh at my pain?`` She asked, cros..."
  • "alr, i am like, in love, with ben platt's singing voice xD"
  • ""mi gusta ;)" b o r e d"
  • "xD and it's only been like, six days"
  • Last Summer
    "``You on the server, Kai?`` Felix asked, his character loading into the game. ``Uh, why am I boxed in?`` ``Ha! Boxed like a fish!``"
  • "b o r e d ♡"
  • Elly!!
    "Ross yawned quietly in his sleep, keeping his arms around Alina's waist."
  • "bruh- wth happened?? XD i- idek how this happened :')"
  • "What to do/what not to do with Kris-[/b] Do- • make her feel wanted. • want to do the things she wants to do. (if you c"
  • Elly!!
    "Ross hummed quietly, setting his phone down and closing his eyes, soon falling asleep with Alina in his arms."
  • Elly!!
    "Ross smiled and rubbed Alina's back, returning to scrolling through his phone."

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