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  • might have covid
    "thank you Fifidee! i am double vaxxed so im not too worried even if i get it. ^^"
  • might have covid
    "update 2: my mom does have covid now but i probably dont, imnot having any symptoms besides a cough from my cold last week so"
  • might have covid
    "update: my mom got tested and she doesnt have it so it's likely i dont either :D"
  • might have covid
    "thank you i hope so too :))"
  • "names: violet, tei, yuri, sumire, fialka prns: it/her gender: demigirl i think sexuality: omni age: 16 birthda"
  • might have covid
    "i was talking to someone and then he got covid and my throat hurts today :,DDDD"

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