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  • Book recommendations
    "Thanks people! I've been dying of something to read!"
  • Book recommendations
    "Hey, I already read the Hunger Games Trilogy, Harry Potter and the Guardians of Ga'Hoole. Any recommendations on future book series's? (besi..."
  • Team Peeta or Gale?
    "which looks best? gale. which acts best? peeta. which do I like more? you're seriously gonna make me choose?"
  • "i'm sorry for offending those who think they are better than me. I just tried to say something i believed in. apparently no one likes things..."
  • "so listen here, this teenager has a lot to say, okay? don't think you're smarter than me because you're older! trust me, i'll take down the ..."
  • "hey guys! so I keep seeing people posting things like "republicans are idiots" or "nazis" or "they hate minorities and women" I'm a woman. I..."
  • Team Peeta or Gale?
    "well if anyone has read all of the last book of the trilogy, you should realize that gale was 1. almost insane 2. obsessed with war 3. very ..."
  • Gale or Peeta?
    "Peeta or Gale? If you've read mockingjay that isn't a question. I hated Gale at the end. Peeta is the best!"

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