Taylor Swift: First Album (Lyrics)

There are a lot of people out there who THINK they know Taylor Swift. They think they know her music, and they think they know her first album, Taylor Swift.

Well, do you? Take this quiz to find out! Dont cheat, because A TRUE SWIFTIE WOULD NOT CHEAT! So dont cheat, because only losers cheat. So ya, hope you like my quiz!

Created by: Skyler Potter

  1. So, I will say a lyric to a song, and you choose the next line.
  2. September saw a month of tears
  3. Theres no time for tears.
  4. I'll bet she's beautiful.
  5. Got the radio on.
  6. You put up walls...
  7. I didnt know, what I would find.
  8. You walk around here thinkin'
  9. Cori finds another way
  10. Well I was sixteen when suddenly,
  11. I was ridin' shotgun.

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