Taylor Swift Speak Now Lyrics Quiz

There are many Taylor Swift fans that know the lyrics but not everybody is a true expert. A true lyric expert would know every single word of the song and is even able to spot the mistakes, and maybe even get past what could sound like the eight lyrics.

Do YOU know the Taylor Swift Speak Now Lyrics? Can you figure out which phrase is correct? You may think you are but you may not.Thanks to this quiz you can finnd out if you truly know the Speak Now lyrics.

Created by: AthenaRox101

  1. Mine- And there's a ___ of my things at your place.
  2. Sparks Fly- Get me with those ___ eyes baby.
  3. Back to December- You gave me roses and I left them _______.
  4. Speak Now- I'll meet you ______ the church at the back door
  5. Dear John- Don't you think ____'s to young to be messed with?
  6. Mean- Someday I'll be _______
  7. Story of Us- And I'm ___ to know if its killing you
  8. Never Grow Up- It's so much colder than ____.
  9. Enchanted- This night is sparkling dont you let it go. I'm __________ all the way home.
  10. Better than Revenge- Sophistication isn't what you ____ or who you know.
  11. Innocent- It's okay, life is a tough crowd. ___ still growing up now.
  12. Haunted- Something's made ____.
  13. Last Kiss- Been through the darkness ___.
  14. Long Live- And bring on all the ____ one day.

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