Do You Know Enough About Politics? 2012 Edition

Another election time come and gone. But did you have the knowledge and voting smarts to vote right? Did you really know what that bill was about? Was that a law or a tax?

Well now, you can find out! If you need to know *what* you know than take this simple and speedy quiz now! So you can either keep up what you're doing or start doing your homework. (no cheating please or it won't work)

Created by: sorenandgylfie16
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  1. About how much is our national debt as of Nov. 16, 2012?
  2. Who was Mitt Romney's running mate?
  3. What day was the attack in Libya in 2012?
  4. Who is John McCain?
  5. Who's Paul Ryan?
  6. What has President Obama done in his presidency?
  7. When do you start paying attention to a political race?
  8. How does the preamble of the Constitution start?
  9. What are the parts of Congress?
  10. What is "checks and balances"
  11. How many Americans died in the Libya attack?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Enough About Politics? 2012 Edition