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  • Shadow Conflict
    "Officially, werewolves and vampires do not exist. Stories about beings who could shift between wolf and human forms, and tales of lecherous ..."
  • So why not...
    "I guess so. Get a metal detector 52, time to play CSI. 52: Reconstruct the ambush to reveal their tactics? Bet"
  • So why not...
    "52: Take any down? One, I think. Thats when I got shot. Then I popped smoke and came home. 52: The same grou"
  • So why not...
    "Ambush. Cant a guy just go for a run in the woods in peace? 52: Did you see any of them? Thats the worse part"
  • "A tough one, I have three... If I could bring in anyone, from anything. Master Chief. Reason being: Hes Master Chief. "
  • So why not...
    "52: *sees damaged shoulder armor* Boss? You okay? Fine, except it appears ive temporarily lost my wolf traits... *sets G36C d"
  • "There was that sand spit there... I bank over and line it up. (Im going to go, hanging out with some friends. See you tomorro"
  • "I was slightly tired, but stayed awake. I scanned the island ahead, there wasnt anywhere to land..."
  • "I throttled up, and took off. The same turbulance we hit before was back."
  • "I flipped a few switches and the engines started again. I turned the plane around."
  • "I sat down next to her."
  • "I walked and stood behind her, "will you be okay?" I whispered."
  • "I kept my head down and looked around the living room, grabbing a Coke from the kitchen."
  • "There was enough food for about a month, I guessed before walking back inside."
  • "I carried a ton of MRE boxes to the plane, shed need a lot of food while I was gone."

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