Would you survive my dreams?

The human mind, brilliant, shocking, and deadly??

This test will determine whether you would survive my mind, a difficult task indeed. Enjoy comrades.

Created by: Reaper Six
  1. You are walking down a street, a white van pulls up. The driver gets out and walks quickly away, what do you do?
  2. You go to Paris on vacation, during midday, a tank rumbles through the street toward you.
  3. During the vacation , all hell broke loose. Paris is now a war zone. You:
  4. When you get back to D.C. You learn that your boy/girlfriend works for the CIA, and they end up dragging you along, you:
  5. Your BF/GF needs to disarm a nuclear weapon, you:
  6. Well assume you disarmed the nuke. The United States has invaded North Korea (again!) you are moving through the city when you get ambushed, you:
  7. Your in Hawaii, your being followed, you;
  8. Turns out, the Mafia wants you dead. You:
  9. You confront the godfather, your line before you kill him is:
  10. This quiz was just for fun, hope you enjoyed!

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